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11 Alternative Christmas Dinners around the World ...

By Ellie

If you're anything like my family, you have a roast turkey dinner every year, and you probably really enjoy it - but for those who fancied a change, I've had a look at some alternative Christmas dinners you could consider this year. I love Christmas dinner - it's my favourite part of the day because, for one of the only times in the year, everyone comes together to celebrate. Our Christmas is Turkey and all the trimmings, but it's completely different in other places over the world. What remains the same though is that it's a way to bring everyone together, and that's lovely. I wanted to find out more about how other people celebrating around the world - so, here are some alternative Christmas dinners you could try this year.

Table of contents:

  1. Portugal
  2. Egypt
  3. Iceland
  4. Mexico
  5. Peru
  6. The netherlands
  7. Poland
  8. Italy
  9. Argentina
  10. Malta
  11. Madagascar

1 Portugal

If you're thinking about alternative Christmas dinners but still want the tradition, Portuguese people often have a full turkey dinner on Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, however, they sit down to a delicious meal of salted cod, vegetables and boiled potatoes. I think we need more seafood here!

2 Egypt

Christians in Egypt - who observe the Coptic calendar, so the big day doesn't take place until January 6th - cook a special meal called fava, consisting of meat, bread, rice and garlic.

3 Iceland

Icelanders have their main meal on Christmas Eve and it consists of traditional foods such as patterned flatbreads, smoked lamb and...puffin! The day before, it's customary to have a meal of boiled potatoes and fermented skate, in honour of their patron saint.

4 Mexico

Again, most Mexicans celebrate their meal on Christmas Eve with a massive feast of traditional stews, cod, salads and fruit. Corn dough pastries and fritters make up dessert.

5 Peru

Peruvians have similar traditions to us, but with a few unique twists - turkey is stuffed with minced beef, studded with pineapple and cherry and served with apple sauce, followed by panettone and hot chocolate. Turkey and apple sauce is definitely one I would like to try this year!

6 The Netherlands

As well as a traditional roast dinner - like we have - a lot of Dutch people celebrate with a 'gourmet'. The host prepares dishes of finely chopped vegetables, meat and fish, which each guest then cooks and seasons in their own little frying pan.

7 Poland

Polish people dig into a feast called the 'Star Supper', consisting of twelve dishes to represent the Twelve Apostles. Traditional dishes such as pierogi - stuffed dumplings - borscht and fried carp commonlu feature on the menu.

8 Italy

If I was going to be anywhere other than here at Christmas, it would be in Italy. I LOVE seafood and they celebrate with a feast of seven fishes - featuring calamari, linguine, grilled fish and more.

9 Argentina

A traditional dish in Argentina at Christmas consists of sliced veal covered in a tuna sauce and capers. Sounds a bit strange to us, but it's meant to be light and delicious.

10 Malta

The people of Malta often sit down to 'Imbuljuta tal-Qastan' - a cocoa and chestnut soup. Soup with chocolate; got to be good, right?

11 Madagascar

Madagascans typically eat 'akoho sy voania' - a chicken and coconut stew served with rice. What's better than a curry on a chilly day?

How cool is that?! I love how other cultures have such different traditions to us, but the ideas behind them are often the same. What will you be eating this Christmas?

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