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7 Amazing Baking Blogs for Baking ENTHUSIASTS ...

By Winnie

The recent spark in food blogging paved the way for the emergence of several amazing baking blogs, much to my delight! My love for baking peaked when I could barely reach the kitchen counter and has evolved from Betty Crocker’s cake mix to developing my own creations. As a self-described baking fanatic, I am obsessed with all things related to baking. With that said, I welcomed the abundance of baking blogs with open arms as a means to increase my knowledge on my favorite hobby and, most importantly, get inspired. I am overjoyed to share my collection of the most amazing baking blogs out there right now. My day is not complete without visiting these sites at least once a day. So let’s get started!

1 The Baker Chick

Now this is an incredibly adorable site to check out as the voice behind the blog, Audra, instantly draws you in with her innovative twists on traditional baked goods. I particularly enjoy how easy Audra’s recipes are and the stories that comes with each of her creations. From the array of cupcakes, cookies, and cake recipes available on this site, the possibilities are endless when it comes to picking a dessert to tackle in the kitchen. Whether you are a novice baker or a lover of classic treats, the Baker Chick is definitely one of my amazing baking blogs to follow. Find her blog at

2 Bakers Royale

When it comes to taking baked goods to another level of extraordinary, a baking blog that is worth exploring is Bakers Royale. The owner of this blog, Naomi, is especially great at incorporating creative additions to baked goods in a way that immediately draws you in and leaves you wanting more. A few of her knockout treats include but are not limited to snickers macarons, biscoff and kahlua crunch cupcakes, and strawberry tuxedo cake. Are you drooling yet? I could go on and on, her creations are just that great! For the baker who likes to think outside the box, visit Bakers Royale and get inspired. Find it here:

3 Girl versus Dough

In the recent months, I have been drawn towards increasing my skills when it comes to baking with yeast. I mean, who doesn't love the smell of freshly baked bread when you walk into a bakery? Now, imagine that smell in your home. I know, complete bliss, if you are a lover of delicious bread like myself. An amazing baking blog to flow that displays great technique for baking traditional yeast breads at home is the site Girl versus Dough. From whole wheat baguettes to New York style bagels, the wealth of bread recipes to try is abundant. Though, a little more involved, baking with yeast is not nearly as scary as it seems, and Girl versus Dough creator, Stephanie, helps to dispel some of that fear with her yummy baked breads. Read all about it here:

4 Minimalist Baker

As people progress toward becoming more health conscious and making better food choices, vegan baking is starting to get the attention that it deserves. Baked goods do not have to include an abundance of sugar and fat. On the contrary, a lot of common treats like cookies, cakes and brownies can be made with healthier alternatives. Some frequently used examples of these alternatives include replacing fat with unsweetened applesauce or vegan butter and using flax meal (ground flax seeds) to replace eggs. A vegan baker that is currently putting vegan desserts on the map is Dana of the Minimalist Baker blog. Dana’s creations allow you to have your cake and eat too without the excess calories. Find the blog at

5 Zoe Bakes

Okay, I could not list some of the most amazing baking blogs available to baking fanatics without discussing a blog run by an actual pastry chef. What initially drew me to Zoe Bakes is the fact that the creator, Zoe, provides simple ways of making bakery style desserts at home. I appreciate how easy her recipes are to follow outside of a formal kitchen especially when it involves more advance baking techniques. A few examples include tutorials on how to make flower with buttercream icing or how to properly frost a cake. Zoe Bakes is a site to check out if you are looking for simple ways to adopt more advanced baking skills. I definitely learned a couple of great baking tips here:

6 Apt 2B Baking Co

The Apt 2B Baking Co. blog run by Yossy Arefi is simply addicting. Yossy manages to pull you in with her simplistic take on creating classic baked treats. I am especially fond of the pastries and pies creations that Yossy documents on her blog. Her pie crust recipe is a keeper! It is hard believe that Yossy is not a trained pastry chef, although she did spent some time working in bakeries in New York City. An added bonus aside from the amazing photography is the array of delicious jams that Yossy makes; a great addition to her spectacular pasties and breads. Her blog is here:

7 Top with Cinnamon

A blog created by a teen? Awesome! I was beyond astonished by the fact that a teenager, Izy, was the creative voice behind the blog Top with Cinnamon. The level of work and attention to detail is remarkable. From the usual baked goodies to the more challenging baking projects aka croissants, Izy has nailed them all. She also features great how-to tutorials and videos in addition to her great posts. With a blog like Top with Cinnamon, it goes to show that you are never too young to pursue your passion! It's here:

Baking blogs are truly a great way to get inspired. It provides a great way to explore the minds of individuals that share the same passion as you. I can honestly say that I am a fan of baking blogs as each one offers a unique spin on how the art of baking can be developed and portrayed in different ways. Are any of your favorite blogs listed here? If not, what are some of your favorite baking blogs?

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