8 Amazing Benefits of Avocados ...


8 Amazing Benefits of Avocados ...
8 Amazing Benefits of Avocados ...

Avocados are vibrant, healthy, yummy and great in a salad, but did you ever wonder about the benefits of avocados? Well, wonder no more, ladies! This article should give you 8 of the delicious details about the benefits of avocados and what makes them so awesome and chock full of wonderful healthy goodness.

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Healthy Hair

Are you prone to dry tangled hair? Well, avocados could definitely help you with that. Avocados have B vitamins, beta-carotene, copper, vitamin E, vitamin C, and healthy fats. These are all great for giving the hair healthy shine and luster! So use products with them in it, to really reap the benefits of avocados and all that they have to offer.


Eye Health

If you want to keep those beautiful eyes nice and healthy, eat avocados! They promote and improve eyesight because they have carotenoid lutein in them. What that does is it protects against degeneration and can even prevent cataracts! Don’t know how to fit avocados into your diet? How about tossing them into your salad every once in a while! I’m sure you’ll notice a difference soon after.


Vitamin E Intake

Avocados are a great source of vitamin E, and when you have vitamin E, you are better equipped to protect against disease! Vitamin E also aids in revitalizing your skin to make it soft and supple. Isn’t that lovely?


Healthy Heart, Healthy You

When you have a healthy heart, that’s the foundation for a healthy life, right? Well, one cup of this tasty fruit has a pretty high percentage (23%) of Folate (vitamin found in leafy green vegetables), which aid in overall health. The healthy fats and vitamin E are good for the heart too. So, your heart will be healthy, and so will the rest of you!


Lower Cholesterol Levels

There are so many foods out there that boast “low cholesterol,” but how can you really be sure? The key is to find, natural or organic foods. Those are the ones that are probably healthier. And I can’t think of anything as great for cholesterol as avocados. They have beta-sitosterol in them, which helps in lowering it.


Overall Oral Health

Is your smile your favorite feature? It should be, because it shows you like to enjoy life! Even if it isn’t, avocados can probably change your mind. The good thing is avocados can help maintain that gleaming smile because the compounds in them help find cancerous oral cells and destroy them without interfering with other healthy cells! Amazing.


Absorption of Nutrition

Healthiness is all about eating right and having the proper nutrition. Avocados are great for improving the absorption of certain nutrients. Carotenoids from other fruits and vegetables are absorbed more efficiently when you eat avocados. Some research shows it can even increase absorption by 5 times versus people who don’t eat avocados!


They Are Tasty

This may be just personal preference, but avocados have such a great taste! They add depth to a salad, and they are great as guacamole. They can definitely spice up most meals. If you’re not fond of the taste, you can sneak it in green drinks to get it into your system!

Overall, avocados have so many benefits, and it’s hard to list them all! But, it’s important to know the benefits of avocados so that you can make the most out of them, and add some flavor and nutrition to your diet. And, don’t be afraid of the fats in them, they are totally healthy and good for you, so munch away, ladies! Knowing the benefits of avocados, would you add them to your diet?

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I love avacodas in most of my foods. I never did at one time but I am very grateful every time I eat it. I does wonders!

Oh and now he loves it...

I hate avocados but after reading this I will have to find a way to put them in to my diet

Love this! We are avocado growers (the better Florida avocados) 300 trees!! Now I don't feel guilty about eating them all the time! ;)

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