9 Amazing Food World Records ...


If you can do it, someone wants to beat it, doing it faster, longer, bigger, and higher and in doing so, some of the craziest food world records are set. The Guinness Book of World Records has been the arbiter on what’s the biggest, the longest, the highest, the fastest and the most since 1954 (although the book reference has been dropped now). What it isn’t, however, is an arbiter of taste and it doesn’t matter how questionable, if a record can be set, it is set. That’s how some of these sometimes crazy food world records spur people on to do daft things in the name of eating.

1. Largest Hot Dog Commercially Available

Largest Hot Dog Commercially Available

So many records for giant foods are fun, but they’re sort of invalid because you can’t actually buy those foods. Some you wouldn’t even want to eat because how great something tastes is not a factor. This is why I decided to find one of the food world records where you can buy the giant food item in question. This award goes to the hot dog from Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats. It’s a whopper of 3.18kg, or 7lbs in weight. That makes it bigger than an actual dog!

Most Big Macs Eaten
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