8 Amazingly Delicious Cake Decorating Tips for the Best Cake Ever ...


I've been looking for years into taking one of the many cake decorating tips classes and while I haven't done that yet, I have gotten all of the books – and the cake decorating tips packed into those books? They're amazing! If you've been trying to decide if cake decorating is right for you, take a look at my top 8 cake decorating tips that really work – and can teach you the basics!

1. Have the Right Spatula

Have the Right Spatula

The hugest mistake I was making with my cakes before I started to read up on cake decorating tips was not using the right spatula! You need a spatula that is going to be flexible with just the right amount of stiffness (for control), and it should be completely flat. The flat, long spatula with a rounded tip is my favorite!

Know the Consistency of Icing
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