7 anti-aging Foods to Add to Your Next Protein Shake ...

You can take advantage of some anti-aging foods that can all be added to your daily protein shake or even made into a protein smoothie. A healthy grab-and-go shake is a great way to fill in the gaps when you don't have time for a healthy meal and it's a great way to improve your lean muscle mass if you work out. The trick is to make your shakes more than just protein and water by adding some of these especially anti-aging foods to it along with a clean protein powder of your choice. These anti-aging foods will also make it more filling and more nutritious, so feel free to use it as a meal replacement on especially busy days. Now get blending!

1. Spinach

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Spinach is one of the best anti-aging foods for you, making it perfect to add to your next protein shake. It's also tasteless when combined with other ingredients, so not to worry! Spinach contains 5 grams of protein, loads of beta-carotene, iron, and Vitamin c all in just a cup.

2. Berries

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Berries are low-glycemic and they prevent aging in the brain. They’re also full of vitamin C and antioxidants to keep your skin looking great. Add ΒΌ cup blueberries or Β½ cup raspberries to your next shake all for under 50 calories and only 5 grams of sugar.

3. Flaxseed

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Ground flax is easy enough to add to anything so try adding 1 tablespoon to your protein shake for healthy mono-unsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids. These fats help keep your skin, heart, and brain in tip top shape and flax's fiber enhances digestion. Best of all, flax seeds thicken up your shake and give it a nutty-flavored taste for very few calories.

4. Acai Powder

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If you’re into superfoods, try adding a teaspoon of acai powder to your shakes. Think of acai like regular berries that are supercharged! Acai berries have over ten times the antioxidants of blueberries and absolutely no sugar. You can buy the powder to make it easier to use or use the frozen fruit purees in place of berries.

5. Nonfat Greek Yogurt

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Nonfat Greek yogurt can either be used with or in replace of your protein powder. It’s incredibly high in protein and low in sugar to keep you lean. Best of all, it’s a wonderful source of vitamin A to keep your skin clear and ward off wrinkles. Choose plain and unsweetened varieties for the healthiest options.

6. Matcha

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Have you heard of matcha green tea powder? It’s a very bright green tea that’s never been heated making it richer in antioxidants and youth-giving properties. Matcha can be pricey those so if you’re on a budget, just add regular green tea leaves to your shake for an earthy twist!

7. Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds are wonderful for your skin due to their high omega 3 and B vitamin content. They’re also a great source of iron, protein, and fiber. Chia’s fiber can also help you stay hydrated and fuller longer. Add around 1 teaspoon to your next shake for a more filling and beautifying shake!

Try to keep your protein shakes around 5 grams of fat, 20 grams of protein, and overall very low in sugar. This will help ensure nothing interferes with protein digestion so it can go straight to your muscle cells to build and repair lean muscle tissues. It’s also important to choose a clean protein powder, free of gluten, refined sugar, and growth hormones. Do you drink protein shakes?

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