7 Appetizingly Spicy Curry Recipes ...


7 Appetizingly Spicy Curry Recipes ...
7 Appetizingly Spicy Curry Recipes ...

Spicy Curry Recipes are among the things I can't resist. I can still remember the first time I had curry. A high school friend put it in her pasta and when I tasted it, it was like some divine revelation to my palate. Seriously! Well yes, I can be overly melodramatic sometimes, especially when it comes to food. But since then, spicy curry recipes have been among my beloved favorites. In fact, friends and I used to scour the city for some good authentic Middle Eastern or Indian food just to sate these mighty cravings for curry we used to get after a busy day at the office. Now, we often have work schedules that rarely coincide but we still try to find some time to hunt for those places that serve good curry dishes... or whip up some of our own spicy curry recipes and make a dinner party of it—which I think is the better option since we could make it as spicy as our palates would dare touch. So here are 7 Appetizingly Spicy Curry Recipes that you might like to try and experiment with in your kitchen.

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Spicy Chicken Curry at


I have to say, I'm quite fond of this dish. This is the first one I look for in the menu when my friends and I go to a Thai or Persian restaurant. It's just smells great and is very exciting to eat! And I love eating it with a glass of pineapple juice or cold lemonade.


Grilled Mussels with Curry Butter at


Mussels are among my fave seafood. And they're so yummy with butter. In this recipe, you get yummy shellfish, butter, and spicy curry! So this is definitely a keeper for your spicy curry recipes collection. I kid you not!


Vegetables with Green Curry at


Vegetables have become some kind of a staple in my diet lately. And since I love anything that has curry in it, this has become a fast favorite among my spicy curry recipes. Not only is this a scrumptious dish, it's also good for you because, as you may very well know, vegetables are full of fiber and other great stuff.


Pork and Pumpkin with Red Curry at


Personally, I've never been much of a fan of pumpkin with meat. I guess I just prefer squash. However, your palate won't blame you for taking a bite of this deliciously spicy meat dish... even if you're not especially fond of pumpkins. In fact, I bet your palate will thank you for the yummy experience.


Fish with Green Thai Curry at


Now, I love most fish dishes and this is surely one of the reasons why. Whether you use salmon or tuna, you'll get good Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and a whole lot of other good stuff from this spicy curry recipe. Just be sure not to overcook it. Overcooked coconut milk is not very appetizing. Trust me. And besides, fish meat gets done quite fast.


Curried Corn at


Sweet corn is among the yummy things that I could eat every day without complaint. I just love it. It is also full of fiber that's great for your tummy and lutein, which is great for your eyes. And just like the other spicy curry recipes I've already mentioned here, this one is absolutely delicious.


Curry Kabobs at


Kabobs are one of the most popular foods here in my hometown. Unfortunately, most of the kabobs served here are just greasy fatty meats that might be a tad detrimental to a long and healthy life. Yes, they're yummy... but scary. So if you're looking for something less scary and equally yummy, you could try these scrumptious skewers out. They're perfect for garden parties since they're quite convenient to eat. Just be sure not to leave them on the grill too long. After all, charred meat is not good for you.

I have loved spicy curry recipes for a long time and my guess is that I will continue to do so for as long I live... especially when presented with such delicious recipes as the ones I've mentioned here. And since I'm an avid fan of good food, I will probably continue to scour the world for more great spicy curry recipes. Who knows? I might even invent my own spicy curry recipe that's so delicious critics would laud it as an extraordinary gastronomic adventure... and I'd become world famous for it. Kidding! Yes, I often get off tangent when my head gets cloudy with pictures of yummy dishes, especially spicy curry recipes. So, have you prepared any of these dishes before? What is your favorite spicy curry recipe?

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That corn with curry recipe is on the top of my list of recipes to try out. Sounds yummy.

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