7 Awesome Reasons to Eat Apples Every Day ...


Apples are available year-round at any grocery store, so I’m going to share some reasons to eat apples that will have you filling your cart with the little fruit gems right away. Whether you like red, green or yellow apples, they are chock full of health benefits that complement their delicious flavor. No matter which of the reasons to eat apples you care about most, there’s really no excuse not to grab some next time you shop.

1. They Are High in Fiber

Ever heard that old phrase, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away?" Well, a large reason why this is true is because apples contain loads of fiber. This nutrient helps regulate digestion, which translates to regularity and a healthy intestinal system. Fiber is also great for appetite control, which means an apple can stave off hunger and keep you from grabbing a candy bar between meals. Controlling your hunger means you can keep your weight healthy, which means fewer trips to the doctor. Fiber is one of the best reasons to eat apples all the time.

Apples Are Low in Calories
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