Surefire Barbeque Hacks for Grill Lovers Who Are in a Hurry ...

Grill lovers unite, for I have a few barbeque hacks that you’ll wish you’d known ages ago. If you’re one of those who gets frustrated because grilling takes too much preparation, these barbeque hacks are for you. If you are one of those who thinks there’s too much fussing around when grilling, these barbeque hacks are for you too. And if you think barbeque food all tastes the same… well I guess you’ve got it now. These BBQ hacks are grilling gold!

1. No Firelighters? What to do?

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One of the simplest barbeque hacks for grill lovers in a hurry is to make use of tortilla chips when you’ve run out of firelighters. Using this option saves you from a lot of hassle and helps you deliver those sizzling burgers because tortilla chips serve as brilliant barbecue kindling.

2. Get a Chimney Starter

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One of the most practical barbeque hacks is to get a chimney starter to light the coal in it. This also helps you to pour the coal onto your barbecue. Using a chimney starter is a great way of starting your grill with properly lit coals – this will ensure that smoke and BBQ fluid don't affect your food.

3. Rosemary Sprigs for Kebabs

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Replace wooden and metal skewers with rosemary twigs. Strip off the leaves from the bottom two-thirds of the stem and then thread on the pieces of vegetables and meat with rosemary sticks. You’ll find it easier if you thread them on a skewer first to make a hole to push the rosemary through.

4. Get Two Types of Barbeque Tongs

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It will always benefit you to have different types of barbeque tongs while cooking. Be sure to have at least one tong that comes with insulated handles – you will need it to turn coals quickly. At the same time, it makes sense to have BBQ tongs that come with grips – they will make it easier for you to turn and handle your food.

5. Use Aromatic Herbs While Cooking

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For the best BBQ experience use some aromatic herbs, such as sage, rosemary or thyme. Not only will these herbs add special flavor to your food, they will make the air smell heavenly.

6. Grease Your Grill before Cooking

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Yes, you're in a hurry and want food served quickly, but greasing your grill a few minutes before you add food will keep you from facing several issues – it stops residue from collecting on the grill that makes it harder to cook. This will also prevent the loss of that BBQ-charred goodness that adds special flavor to your food. Try garlic-marinated oil to grease your grill as it gives your food additional flavor.

7. Apple Juice = Moist Meat

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Do you always find it difficult to keep your meat (pork in particular) tender and moist while cooking? The simple barbeque hack you can try is to get a squirt bottle full of apple juice and spray it when cooking.

8. Prevent Fish Sticking

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Don’t slap your fish directly on the grill to cook it. 9 times out of 10 it will stick. Wrap it in foil and let it cook through. Then when it’s practically perfect, unwrap the foil and put it directly on the grill, turning it a few times to get those lovely criss-cross marks.

9. Cleaning

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Who hates it when the fun’s over and the yummy food has been eaten and it’s time to clean the grill. Everyone, right? Want to know a barbeque hack that saves you money (no need to buy special tools or cleaners!)? To clean your grill, scrunch up a piece of aluminum foil, clamp it between your grill tongs and use it to clean the gunge off the grill.

Grilling doesn’t have to be a drama when you make good use of some handy barbeque hacks. Anyone got more hacks to share?

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