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I wanted a healthier lifestyle, so I decided to change to a whole foods and plant based diet. Personally I’m a vegetarian, but for anyone who isn’t ready for that, just know that choosing whole foods for the benefits they bring is one of the best decisions you can make. Here are 7 benefits of a whole foods and plant based diet!

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Disease Prevention

I’m not going to tell you that a whole foods and plant based diet is going to solve all your problems, but it can help prevent or reduce the chances of suffering from some diseases. A whole foods and plant based diet is said to lower cholesterol and type 2 diabetes just because it's not as high in non essential fats and sugars as a diet that includes processed foods.. If you’re someone who knows that heart diseases and diabetes runs in your family, I suggest just checking out a whole foods and plant based diet.


Cancer Fighting Agents

A whole foods and plant based diet helps to prevent cancer. The phytochemicals in plant foods are said to aid in preventing breast cancer, as well as prostate and colon cancer. If changing your diet can slightly decrease the chances of getting cancer, I encourage you to try it!


Healthier Forms of Protein

I’ve heard countless times that if you’re a vegetarian you can’t get enough protein, but if you’re on a proper whole foods and plant based diet then you have nothing to worry about! The body can break down plant protein and distribute and use it faster than it can animal protein.


Beneficial for Intestines

One of my favorite things about a whole foods and plant based diet is that it allows you to seemingly eliminate any of the issues you have with constipation. The natural nutrients that are in this type of diet helps to soften the stool. I know that may be a little too much information, but it’s necessary to know!


Control Weight

When you’re on a whole foods and plant based diet, most people think that you won’t gain weight. Well there is a chance that you can gain weight if you aren’t taking in the proper amounts of food. On the flip side, a whole foods and plant based diet contains many foods which help to suppress the appetite so that you don’t indulge as much as you would on a non-whole foods and plant based diet. Remember, this isn’t a short-term change; this is a change for a lifetime!

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Decreases Toxins

Another thing I can say about a whole foods and plant based diet is that it decreases the toxins in the body. Plants have the ability to play many different roles within the chemical make up of the body, and also provide antioxidants that help control any imbalances.


Longer Lifespan

According to research conducted at universities across the world, a whole foods and plant based diet is said to help increase lifespan. If you reduce the amounts of pork and red meat in your diet, then there is a higher chance of you living longer. In my opinion if you just have to change your diet a little to live longer, then there’s no reason for you to not make the change!

I promise I’m not telling you to stop eating meat or anything like that. I just think that the benefits of a whole foods and plant based diet are exceptional and are one of the keys for living a healthy and active lifestyle. If you have any questions or want to know anything else about a whole foods and plant based diet just let me know!

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