7 Benefits of Raw or Sprouted Beans ...

By Taji

Are you interested in the benefits of raw or sprouted beans but don’t know where to start? Once a cooking method reserved for only the most devout vegans, sprouting beans is a fantastic way to boost legume nutrition and prevent a bunch of chronic illnesses. Sprouting is pretty easy you do—all it requires is soaking raw beans, then draining and rinsing them for a few days! If you want to know more about the benefits of raw or sprouted beans, today’s piece has your name written all over it! Learn more about why sprouted beans are so healthy and why you need to start sprouting ASAP.

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Better Mineral Absorption

Did you know that many Americans have mineral deficiencies without even knowing it? Mineral deficiencies are one of the top nutritional problems women suffer from. The problem is that many women don’t even realize they are deficient in these minerals. Consuming adequate whole grains and legumes is a great way to get more minerals into your diet. One of the benefits of raw or sprouted beans is the improved mineral absorption you’ll experience. Bonus points if you sprout organic beans!


Improved Digestion

Do you often feel digestive discomfort after eating beans or legumes? Then definitely consider sprouting your beans. The sprouting process helps make the bean much softer and easier to digest. Better yet, you can add sprouted beans to a variety of cuisines that you already cook at home. From vegetarian burritos and refried beans to roasted red pepper hummus, sprouting the beans before you add them to these dishes could improve your digestion and make eating more enjoyable.


Increased Fiber Intake

A majority of Americans aren’t getting the recommended dosage of daily fiber. Beans and legumes are already pretty fiber-rich, but did you know that sprouting them can increase their fiber intake? Cooking beans or legumes forces a lot of the fiber to dissipate into the cooking liquid. However, sprouting beans avoids this process, allowing more of the fiber to stay within the bean. This means more fiber for you with each and every bite!


More Vitamin B

Another benefit to sprouting beans is the increased vitamin content you’ll get. Did you know that sprouted beans can have just as many B-complex vitamins as some animal proteins? If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, I’m sure you’re always watching your vitamin B levels, as the primary source of this vitamin is in animal products. Now you can be assured that your beans and legumes will provide you with plenty of Vitamin B—all you need to do is start sprouting!


Alkalizing for the Body

In the food and nutrition world, we’re slowly learning that acidity in the body can potentially be one of the leading causes of chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. You can help fix acidity imbalances in the body by consuming more alkalizing foods that negate excessive acidity. Good sources of alkalizing foods include leafy greens, raw fruits, and sprouted beans! Try adding sprouted beans into your diet to balance out your body and promote longevity.

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Larger Enzyme Content

Experts who are proponents of raw food diets argue that raw fruits and vegetables have a ton of live enzymes that are essential to your health. The problem is when you cook many fruits and vegetables, the heat completely destroys these precious and beneficial enzymes. While I’m sure none of you would like to bite into a raw bean or legume, sprouting is a fantastic solution to this predicament. The rinsing and draining process softens the bean, making it edible and much softer. With sprouting, you can have the best of both worlds.


Locally Grown and Eco-Friendly

Because sprouting is such a delicate process, sprouted beans often don’t transport very well. The good news is that if you purchase sprouted beans from a health food store, you have a better likelihood that you’re purchasing a locally grown food. Because sprouting also doesn’t require any cooking, this is a much more eco-friendly alternative as opposed to traditional canned beans.

Sprouting beans may be new to you, but don’t let new cooking techniques scare you from getting into the kitchen! Once you start eating them and reaping the benefits, you won’t want to stop. What are some of your favorite dishes for sprouted beans and legumes?

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