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5 Best Bars in Orange County to Hit up on Girls' Night out ...

By Natalie

Are you looking for the best bars in Orange County?

Just like any other Friday and Saturday night, not to mention post-midterms and finals, bar hopping can be one of the greatest and worst stories you'll have to tell. We have all been there—or will eventually experience one bad night of “I drank wayyyy too much last night” and “Why the hell did we just eat Taco Bell at three in the morning?”

And if you are a recent college graduate, then embrace every waking minute before you get that full-time job.

In college, and even now, I have never been a big fan of bar hopping; mainly because my friends had dragged me around the local Orange County bars and clubs. Plus, I was usually the designated driver. Unless you have a few drinks in you, then nostalgia kicks in and you probably just want to be around people in general.

If you are a college student at Cal State Fullerton, these top five bar spots in Downtown Fullerton (famously known as DTF) should not be missed, if you love to check out new places or just want to go out of curiosity.

In no particular order: the best bars in Orange County.

1 El Revolucion

El Revolucion is, hands down, one of the best bars in Orange County. Check out this place if you love dancing, particularly salsa, but a heads up on security check-in (last time, my pocket knife and pepper spray were confiscated and it was an awkward thing to explain).

2 The Continental Room

This bar is small scale, including a small dance floor, but the music is good and it is the perfect place to make a pit stop at the end of the night, to either sober up or keep it low key.

3 Branagan’s Irish Pub

Sports. Beer. Sports. Beer. TV. Probably a guy’s ideal spot for a “man cave.” But the ladies love it here too for the fun vibe and the party atmosphere.

4 Ziings Bistro & Bar

Fine dining during the day and a dance club by the end of the night—enough said. You're going to love it here!

5 The Night Owl

This one is not really a “let’s get drunk” place, but open until the wee hours, it is one of the top spots to get some homework done or catch up with an old friend over a cup of Joe.

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