13 Best Foods That Prevent Sunburn and Aging ...

Did you know you can actually eat your way to great skin with certain foods that prevent sunburn and aging? Noshing on certain healthy foods during spring and summer is a great way to reduce sun-related wrinkles and prevent overall aging. Sure, you should still wear your sunblock, but it’s important to eat well during the warmer seasons too. Certain foods contain specific antioxidants that act like a shield to your skin while you're outdoors, while other foods simply don't. These antioxidants help reduce free radicals from the environment and, as a result, reduce wrinkles and protect your face from harmful UV and UVB rays. Eat more of these foods that prevent sunburn and aging so you can enjoy your time outside with full confidence that your face will look fabulous around the clock too!

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in both the antioxidant lycopene and in Vitamin C, which make them a top go-to of all foods that prevent sunburn. Tomatoes are also rich in water, which keeps your skin hydrated, and they're low in sugar, which actually depletes collagen in the skin.

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