9 Best Foods to Keep You Full for Hours and Stave off Hunger ...


9 Best Foods to Keep You Full for Hours and Stave off Hunger ...
9 Best Foods to Keep You Full for Hours and Stave off Hunger ...

One of my pet peeves is to eat a great meal, and then be hungry later, so I’m always on the lookout for foods that keep you full. Luckily, most healthy foods are also ones that hold you over better than processed snacks or fast food. Our bodies are smarter than we are, and they know when they’re getting nutrients to sustain them longer than chemicals and artificial ingredients. Be sure you pick certain foods that keep you full when you create your meals and snacks for the day. These are some of my favorite foods that keep you full, but be sure you share any that you might have with me in the comments below.

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Greek Yogurt

Food, Pink, Tableware, Teacup, Saucer, Greek yogurt is one the most popular foods that keep you full, for so many good reasons. First, so long as you consume a low sugar or plain variety, the protein in Greek yogurt will hold you over for hours. Secondly, it’s not only higher in protein than most yogurts, but also lower in natural sugars from milk. My favorite Greek yogurt is nonfat, plain, organic Greek yogurt. I find it’s not only healthier for me, but tastes better too. Greek yogurt can be eaten plain, but my favorite way to enjoy it is with a little cinnamon, flax, and stevia for a delicious treat and extra fiber.



Dish, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Breakfast cereal, Oats are another powerful food that keeps you full. I think most of us can agree that after a bowl of oatmeal, we’re pretty satisfied for hours to come. Oatmeal’s fiber and protein content are the all-star nutrients of this terrific whole grain. Be sure to choose rolled oats, steel cut oats, or even whole grain oat groats for the most filling, high fiber choice.



Food, Dish, Cuisine, Ingredient, Smoked salmon, Salmon is so incredible when it comes to holding you over longer. It also spikes your metabolism, and enhances mental focus. This makes it an excellent protein choice to have at lunch that won’t leave you feeling overly full, but will keep you from thinking about sugary snacks and sweets all day long.



Food, Dish, Cuisine, Ingredient, Lime, Tuna is another fish to choose if you have a long day ahead of you. I love that you can find tuna at any convenient store, any dollar store, and any grocery store on the go. The packets are easy to empty into a Tupperware container, and you can add a little Mrs. Dash, mustard, or even some black pepper and lemon juice. Paired with a salad or even some fruit and raw veggies, tuna makes a high protein lunch with little to no fat that will leave you full for hours! It is also high in selenium, which makes it great for your thyroid, and high in Vitamin D for enhancing your mood.



Food, Ingredient, Dish, Cuisine, Nut, Nuts might be high calorie, but they’re also incredibly filling and wonderful for your blood sugar. They’re also great sources of plant protein, and actually lower insulin in the body, preventing you from storing carbohydrates as excess fat. Be sure to keep portions in check, but next time you reach for a snack, reach for nuts and you’ll be satisfied for at least 3 hours. Choose raw and unsalted whenever possible, and feel free to pair them with some goji berries or raisins for a healthy trail mix!


Dark Chocolate

Chocolate, Fudge, Chocolate brownie, Food, Dessert, Dark chocolate is another fantastic food to keep your cravings at bay. I like to choose raw 100% chocolate whenever possible. My favorite raw cacao is by Bright Earth Superfoods, and their cacao paste is the healthiest form of dark chocolate you’ll find! Plus, it’s sugar-free, contains no toxins or pesticides, and is richer in antioxidants than any food in the world. The fat, fiber, and protein in dark chocolate help to lower your blood sugar, promote regularity, and cacao is a fantastic mood enhancer. It quells your cravings for sugar, and even contains 15% of your daily iron content in a one ounce serving.



Still life photography, Photography, Coconut, Wood, Still life, Another healthy fat that holds you over a long time is coconut! I adore all forms of raw coconut. I like coconut butter by Artisana, raw coconut oil by Bright Earth Foods, as well as shredded coconut that’s unsweetened. However, my all time favorite way to stay full a long time is with coconut flour. I use it in so many ways. It makes a delicious way to thicken any recipe, is high in fiber and protein, and low in fat. I stir it in oatmeal, add it to smoothies, and add it to Greek yogurt. It lowers your insulin, satisfies your sweet tooth, and actually helps prevent your body from storing fat. My favorite brand is Coconut Secret’s Raw Coconut Flour.


Whole Food Smoothies

Blueberry, Smoothie, Food, Superfood, Milkshake, I never go a day without a whole food smoothie. I call my smoothies whole food smoothies, because they’re so much more than protein powder, yogurt, and some fruit thrown in. No way! I need some staying power in my smoothies, so I add whole foods like raw cucumber, raw celery, raw spinach or kale, and I add chia seeds, flax seeds, and tons of raw superfoods. I also always add my favorite plant protein powder, Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Vanilla raw protein powder, or plain raw hemp protein powder. After this smoothie, I’m satisfied for at least 4 hours. Whole food smoothies contain fiber, healthy protein, fats, and are low glycemic. This is key to helping you feel fuller longer, and it makes them friendlier to your blood sugar levels. You can find my favorite recipes at my blog, The Soulful Spoon.



Eggs Eggs are possibly one of the most popular whole food choices for staving off hunger, and helping you lose weight. Eggs are rich in so many nutrients, like protein, healthy fats, B vitamins, iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D. It’s best to consume certified humane sources of eggs or pastured eggs for the best egg possible, and higher nutrient content. Eggs are great to have any time of the day, and have been proven to ward off diabetes and heart disease, as well as reduce blood sugar and hunger overall. Their cholesterol actually lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol in your body. This makes them an excellent source of protein, as well as a great food for anyone watching their weight.

I’d love to hear what foods get you through the day without leaving you starving and unsatisfied. What’s your favorite hunger-fighting food?

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Heather, I'm concerned that more and more tuna and salmon maybe contaminated with mercury and radiation. Do you have any tips concerning how to ensure we buy the safest products?

I had salmon recently .at Kathleen Hollings try Sams club or Costco it's has a fresh taste .


a big ol bowl of shredded wheat & bran with some flax, a sliced banana, and some shredded coconut satisfies me for hours!

Thanks for the advice, Kristen. I shop @ Costco every Saturday & I will definitely look for the salmon &/or the tuna there next time I go. I have found that a peanut butter (low fat) & banana sandwich & a half sandwich of Nutella with a glass of juice or herbal tea keeps me full for several hours &, if I have that for lunch every day, not only does this meal for lunch, I actually lose weight but I also have plenty of energy to do more activities in & out of the house but I am able to exercise longer in the evenings about 2 hours after supper. Being physically challenged due to having M.S., all of this is a fantastic way to lose &/or maintaining my weight, while at the same time, giving my body the balanced food to be able to have energy for longer periods during the day, but also I have the mental ability to keep focus on the tasks that I have to do each day.

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