4 Delicious Guilt-Free Sodas to Keep the Summer Vibes Well into Fall ...

By Stephanie

4 Delicious Guilt-Free Sodas to Keep the Summer Vibes Well into Fall ...

Just because the sun is rapidly setting on summer (but seriously, how did that happen?) doesn’t mean you have to pack away the flavors that make summer so, so sweet. The best guilt-free sodas make great refreshing summer drinks and keep the summer vibe going into fall.

We can’t promise that the clock will reset on summer, but imbibe one of these delicious and delightful guilt-free sodas or sparkling waters, and you’ll be instantly transported to lazy days and swan shaped pool rafts.

1 DRY Sparkling

product, bottle, glass bottle, drink, product, Watermelon DRY
Made with just *FOUR* ingredients, DRY Sparkling’s Watermelon provides all of the delights this juicy and refreshing fruit without a rind or seeds to clean up, making it one of the top guilt-free sodas. And for when you want to live on the wild side, we should mention this soda deliciously mixes with liquor and Prosecco. Poolside cocktail? Check.

Ingredients: purified carbonated water, pure cane sugar, natural flavor, phosphoric acid.

2 Jones Soda

beer bottle, drink, bottle, beer, product, Zilch Sugar Free Black Cherry Soda
We know, we know, you read ‘0 calories, 0 fat’ and think 0 taste. Wrong! Never boring or bland, this Black Cherry soda packs the tangy but sweet flavor, none of the sugar and no pits! #GameChanger

Ingredients: carbonated water, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, sodium benzoate (as preservative), sucralose, potassium sorbate (as preservative), red 40, calcium disodium edta (to protect flavor), blue 1

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3 Spindrift

product, product, font, produce, SpinDrift Unsweetened Raspberry Lime
Certified gluten free, this 12-oz. serving of Raspberry Lime soda contains sparkling water, raspberry purée, raspberry juice and fresh lime juice. Like the can says, “Yup, that’s it”. Explore the Spindrift collection and you’ll be sun kissed by other warm weather flavors like Orange Mango, Cucumber and Blackberry.

Ingredients: sparkling water, raspberry purée, raspberry juice and fresh lime juice


bottle, product, beer bottle, glass bottle, drink, Organic Sparkling Water Beverage Mandarin Lime
We don’t know how, but IZZE captured sweet smelling citrus groves and sunshine in a bottle with this sparkling water. Let the bubbles tickle your nose and delight in this 10 calorie refreshing complement of mandarin and lime.

Ingredients: carbonated water, organic cane sugar, organic natural flavor, citric acid

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