Here's 👉👇 Your Restaurant 🍽 Based on Your Zodiac ♍️♌️♑️♎️ ...

You're hungry and you need some food, but it's always hard to figure out what you're going to eat. I'm going to tell you the best restaurant based on your zodiac sign. Bet you didn't know that your astrological symbol could help you decide what's for lunch today, did you? If you're getting ready to hit the drive-thru, here is the best restaurant based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aquarius - Jack in the Box

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You're creative so the usual won't do for you. You don't necessarily care what the most popular restaurant is - you just want what you want. Go to Jack in the Box for something new and creative for lunch.

2. Pisces - Chick-fil-a

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You love cute things and that's why the cow at Chick-fil-a appeals to you. At the same time, you want something delicious and everything here is sure to please.

3. Aries - Taco Bell

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You're a fiery person and you need food to match. At Taco Bell you can get a spicy meal and can make it spicier with a few packets of hot sauce.

4. Taurus - Sonic

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Sonic is a retro style drive-up restaurant that should totally appeal to your casual attitude and view on life. Enjoy some comfort food like milkshakes and corn dogs.

5. Gemini - Chipotle

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Since you are good at adapting to new things, Chipotle is great for you. You get to build your own meal and can mix things up whenever you want to.

6. Cancer - McDonald's

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Since you enjoy nostalgic things and are most comfortable with the familiar, McDonald's is your go-to choice. It's the most well-known fast food joint around and that appeals to you.

7. Leo - in-N-out

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Since you love the newest trends, In-N-Out is the best place for you. It gets all sorts of hype as being the best and you can get in on that by ordering a burger and fries here for lunch today.

8. Virgo - Subway

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You're practical and like details, so Subway is the ideal place for you to eat. You can completely customize your meal so that every detail is attended to.

9. Libra - Dominos Pizza

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You like being a crowd and throwing a party, so what better food for you than a pizza? Whether you're eating alone or with all of your friends, a pizza is never a bad choice.

10. Scorpio - Jamba Juice

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You like mystery and that's what you get with the creative combinations at Jamba Juice. They even have an off the menu selection that should appeal to your mysterious side.

11. Sagittarius - Panda Express

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Since you enjoy new experiences and love to travel, the ethnic choices at Panda Express are ideal for you. Even when you're close to home, you can pretend you're in a far off land.

12. Capricorn - Starbucks

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You love getting your day started so that you can get it all done. Having a meal at Starbucks gives you the caffeine you need to get your to-do list taken care of.

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