Delicious Power Foods πŸ–πŸ£for a Healthy Brain βš‘πŸ’­ ...

Let's talk about power foods for a healthy brain because a healthy brain is something we all need! Whether you are a student or not, you still need to keep those thinking powers strong and increase sharpness and retainability! What you eat plays a large role in this. Here is a list of foods for a healthy brain to try out to keep your wits about you and to sharpen up the old thinking cap!

1. Eat Sage to Improve Your Memory

Sage is a flavorful herb that many of us don’t consume much of. Try incorporating more into your diet, especially if you need to focus on improving memory skills! You can even reach for sage essential oil and diffuse it into a room to reap the benefits if you aren’t inclined to ingest sage.

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