7 Brands of Stevia That Are the Best Tasting and the Best for You ...


I’m such a fan of stevia, but I also very picky about what brands of stevia I buy, consume and promote to others. To clear the air on this popular health food ingredient, which is a wonderful replacement to sugar, there are a few things you should know about stevia first. Stevia comes from an herb, which is rich in nutrients that actually lower your blood sugar, and rich in chlorophyll. Raw stevia leaf powder is actually a bright green color, much like a plant would be. Yet, when it is refined, it is either dispersed into a liquid form, or refined further to become a white powder that we are familiar with. It looks like sugar, but contains no sugar. Yet, many brands actually add many types of fillers and nasty ingredients to stevia powder and liquid, such as alcohol, dextrose (a form of sugar), maltodextrin (a high glycemic filler used to prevent clumping), or inulin (a hard to digest fiber that acts as a filler). Not only are these ingredients simply used to lower the cost and bulk up the product, but they also require you to use more to get a good taste. They taste pretty bitter in my opinion, too. When buying stevia, read the ingredient label. It will always tell you exactly what is in the product. Avoid liquids with alcohols and buy alcohol-free versions instead. For powder forms, it should say only stevia in the ingredient list and nothing else. The stevia brands below are some of my favorites that not only taste great but are also the best for you.

1. NuNaturals


NuNaturals is one of the most popular stevia products out there. It is by far one of the best tasting and most trust-worthy brands. Some products by NuNaturals do contain alcohol in liquid form, or contain maltodextrin or other fillers in their powders, yet many don’t. I love their pure white stevia powdered extract, which contains only stevia, and their alcohol-free liquid stevia. These products last longer than any other brand I have ever had because they are so intense in flavor that you can use less, which saves you so much money. They also work anywhere you need a sweet taste with absolutely no calories, MSG, yeast, wheat, gluten or sugar whatsoever.

Now Foods Organic Better Stevia Powder
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