7 Brilliant Christmas Gifts for Foodies This Year ...

If you have a foodie in your family but don't know what to get them for Christmas, follow this list of Christmas gifts for foodies and they will certainly love your gift this year! Foodies, like myself, love all things involving healthy food, so when trying to choose the best gift for them, give them something you know they will love! Some of my favorite gifts throughout the years have been foodie inspired gifts that introduce me to things that I have never tried before! Don't go wrong and pick up one of these Christmas gifts for foodies this holiday season!

1. Whole Foods Gift Card

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Often referred to "Whole Pay Check" instead of Whole Foods, WFs still has most foodies' hearts, so why not help them out with a gift certificate for Christmas? This is one of the most perfect Christmas gifts for foodies! They can use the gift certificate to buy a product they wouldn't traditionally buy or simply use it to reduce the cost of their New Year's Eve party spread!

2. BPA Free Water Bottle

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Since most foodies understand the importance of both adequate hydration and the negative effects of BPA, a BPA free water bottle is the perfect foodie Christmas gift. There are so many different styles and designs of cups, so give them a cup that matches their personalty! I bring my cup to work everyday so that I never forget to drink enough water!

3. Kale Shirt

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I recently purchased a "KALE" t-shirt and couldn't adore it more! As the kale craze continues, this kind of shirt is great for lounging around the house in full foodie style. Available with short or long sleeves, it is perfect for layering or worn alone. While most people might think this shirt is crazy, it is one all foodies will love! I found mine at Whole Foods but I have seen them purchasable online too!

4. Lunch Box

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Since most foodies know how hard it is to eat healthy in a restaurant, in my experience, I have found that most of us prefer to bring our lunch to work. Not only that, but since many foodies love to cook, they usually prefer to bring home cooked meals as well. Give your foodie family member or friend a new lunch box to pack their lunch in style in 2014!

5. Superfood Basket

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While most foodies know that all healthy foods are equally important, foodies do love their superfoods too! Things like chia seeds, maca powder, hemp seeds and spirulina all combine nicely to make the perfect holiday superfoods gift basket! This is the perfect gift for the foodie that might not spend the money on these delicious superfoods but eye them every time they see them in the store!

6. Dehydrator

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Dehydrators are all the craze these days, as it seems that everyone is making their own fruit leathers, dried fruit and jerky once again! Depending on how much you want to spend, a dehydrator is the perfect gift for the foodie that likes to DIY. There are several tasty looking recipes out there and also a few fun dehydrator recipe books that would pair perfectly with the appliance as well!

7. Tea Pot

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If you're anything like me, you drink tea often, have a kettle or a microwave but don't have a tea pot (until recently that is!). A tea pot is awesome for many reasons, including those times that you want to make more than just one cup! I love to make a pot of chamomile tea every night to sip on while I unwind and get ready for the following day. All foodies will love a new beautifully painted tea pot for Christmas!

As you can see, foodies are actually some of the easiest friends or family members to buy for. The small things really do excite us! Do you have any foodie friends or family members to buy for this year?

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