Can't Catch a Break with Breakouts? Eat These Foods for Healthy, Smooth Skin ...


Ahhh! Not another breakout! I think thatโ€™s how we all feel when we discover pimples and blemishes marring our skin. Of course, you are still beautiful, but if youโ€™re anything like me, you donโ€™t like facing the world with a face full of zits. Forget cancelling anymore plans. Hereโ€™s what you can be eating on a regular basis to ensure smooth, healthy and gorgeous skin any day. No more hiding out at home because you have a breakout. Happy eating!

1. Sip a Cold Glass of Low-Fat Milk

Sip a Cold Glass of Low-Fat Milk

Unless you have a milk allergy or are lactose intolerant, low-fat milk is actually very good for your skin. Expert dermatologists say that milk is a prime source of vitamin A, which your body needs for smooth, healthy skin. If you canโ€™t stomach milk, other low-fat dairy products are also great choices. Think cheese and yogurt. Just make sure you arenโ€™t eating the sugary yogurt because that isnโ€™t good for your skin.

Nibble on a Fat, Juicy Strawberry (or a Whole Bowl Full)
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