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38 Charming Vintage Candy Ads That'll Make You Smile ...

By Lisa

If you've ever seen vintage candy ads before, then you've seen how absolutely charming they are. Compared to the ads that you see today, they're clearly so much more simple in design with just some drawings or photos and the ad copy is fun and lighthearted. Take a look at these vintage candy ads for yourself, they're sure to make you long for simpler times!

1 Orange Life Savers

Orange Life SaversVia Orange Drops
Let's get this list of vintage candy ads started with orange-flavored Life Savers. I love the colors used in this ad and the image of the Life Saver being squeezed is really unique.

2 Vintage Halloween Candy Ads

Vintage Halloween Candy AdsVia back to ghoul
Quite possibly the cutest Halloween candy ads ever!

3 Lemon PEZ

Lemon PEZVia FREE Cartoon Graphics / Pics ...
A beautiful woman holding lemons makes you crave PEZ, doesn't it?

4 Necco Wafers

Necco WafersVia BOOGIE CHILDREN — hollyhocksandtulips: Necco ...
I've never tried this candy before and I'm not sure I've seen them in stores lately. But, this ad would surely prompt me to try them!

5 Cryst-O-Mint Life Savers

Cryst-O-Mint Life SaversVia The Latest Taste Sensation
Crystal cool peppermints-looks so cool!

6 Chiclets

ChicletsVia Vintage Candy Advertisements of the ...
Isn't this an elegant ad for candy coated gum?

7 Maltesers

MaltesersVia 1954 Maltesers ad
I've never heard of Maltesers before, but they remind me a lot of Whoppers!

8 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's Peanut Butter CupsVia Reese's Ad, c. 1950s
The packaging on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups haven't changed much at all!

9 Mr. Goodbar

Mr. GoodbarVia Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With ...
Have you met Mr. Goodbar?

10 Tootsie Roll

Tootsie RollVia Vintage Ad #576: Rah! Rah! ...
Three cheers for the most delicious candy.

11 Halloween Ad for Baby Ruth and Butterfingers

Halloween Ad for Baby Ruth and ButterfingersVia Flickriver: Christian Montone's photos tagged ...
Don't you wish people gave out full sized candy bars at Halloween?

12 Vintage Candy Collection

Vintage Candy CollectionVia 1940s CURTISS CANDY Vintage Illustration ...
What a delicious collection of candies! I wish I could try them all.

13 Good and Plenty

Good and PlentyVia Good And Plenty Ad, c. ...
I love the colors of Good and Plenty candy.

14 Milk Duds

Milk DudsVia Holloway's Milk Duds Box
How cute is this vintage box of Milk Duds?!

15 KitKat

KitKatVia From pastilles to present: How ...
Looks like Kit Kats used to come in four pieces.

16 The Benefits of Candy

The Benefits of CandyVia The Sugar High
Did you know that kids NEED the energy from candy?

17 Butterfingers

ButterfingersVia 1953 Illustrated Food Ad, Curtiss ...
Mmm, honeycomb center with peanut butter and creamy caramel!

18 Grape Flavored Life Savers

Recapturing the flavor of grapes.

19 Hershey's Chocolate Bars

Hershey's Chocolate BarsVia Hershey's Ad, c. 1950s
Can you believe these candy bars only cost a nickel and a dime?!

20 Mars Candy Bars

Mars Candy BarsVia Favor 'Em With Candy Bars ...
I wish Forever Yours and Cocoanut bars were still around.

21 Navy Candies

Navy CandiesVia 1954 Navy Sweets ad
These look a lot like Life Savers. Does anyone know if Life Savers were onced called Navy Candies or vice versa?

22 Wrigley's Gum

Wrigley's GumVia Wrigleys
These tiny packs of gum are so cute and who knew they were once marketed to soothe nerves?

23 Old Candy Store Sign

Old Candy Store SignVia
Another sign extolling the benefits of candy for kids.

24 U-All-No Party Patties

U-All-No Party PattiesVia U-All-No
Five delicious flavors to nibble on.

25 Regency Candy

Regency CandyVia Candy Ad - So Colorful!
Colorful and tempting!

26 Penny Candy

Penny CandyVia
Baby Ruth came in so many different flavors and forms.

27 Cadbury's Milk Tray

Cadbury's Milk TrayVia 1959 Cadbury's Milk Tray ad
So classy and chic!

28 Brach's Chocolate Cherries

Brach's Chocolate CherriesVia
A holiday favorite.

29 Baby Ruth

Baby RuthVia
What a value!

30 Spangles

SpanglesVia 1955 Spangles ad
Spangles are just as important as train tickets.

31 Brach's Halloween Candy

Brach's Halloween CandyVia Yahoo - login
How fun do these Halloween candies look? I wish they still came in the same packaging.

32 Mackintosh's Quality Street Candy

Mackintosh's Quality Street CandyVia 1955 Quality Street ad
Three types of chocolate-y goodness.

33 Mason's Black Crows

Mason's Black CrowsVia
Perfect for Halloween!

34 Life Savers Ad

Life Savers AdVia Holesome Candy
Sip! Sip! Hooray!

35 Brach's Easter Candy Parade

Brach's Easter Candy ParadeVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Festive and colorful candies!

36 Mars Bars

Mars BarsVia Old Ads
Great for that hole in your head? What?

37 Milky Way

Milky WayVia 1953 Milky Way Ad ~ ...
Worth going out on a limb for.

38 Whitman's Sampler

Whitman's SamplerVia 1955 ... fatty makers!
Another candy company that didn't stray far from their original design.

Didn't these vintage candy ads get you in the mood for some creamy chocolate or fruit candies? Although some of the ads are questionable, I still think vintage candy ads are deliciously delightful!

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