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8 Childhood Candies Life Just Wouldn't Be the Same without ...

By Tairalyn

I could go on and on about the best childhood candy I grew up with. From Pez to Candy Necklaces, I had it all. Isn't it just crazy how a piece of sugar can bring you way back, back to when you chose to watch cartoons, vs now being forced to. Childhood candies are a comfort to me, when I'm feeling low I always like to give myself a little treat from candy lane. The best childhood candy wasn't expensive or fancy really, it was just a treat we remember with great memories. Here are my picks for the 8 best childhood candy:

1 Melody Pops

Candy that can also carry a tune; a match made in musical candy heaven. This rectangle lollipop was one of my childhood favorites. With its wrapper containing a sheet of music, I am so certain my mother hated when anyone bought me a Melody Pop. The same reason I haven't tried out for American Idol, carrying a tune was not my forte. But how much fun it was in trying.

2 Pez

Worldwide, I can almost promise you it’s the best childhood candy remembered by most. A character dispenser that rewards you with sugary pellets each and every time you push back its head. Now being collectors items, I sorta wished I had kept my little Pez men. Then again, if I still had them, they would be the most used and abused dispensers anyone's ever seen. Let’s be honest, I’m a candy addict.


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3 Candy Buttons

As if candy stuck to paper doesn’t bring me down memory lane. What I think has me recalling this candy the most, is the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Specifically, it's the part where Mr. Wonka had an entire hallway of these childhood candies to lick and love. Coming in only 3 flavors, Cherry, Lemon and Lime, you’d better love your citrus fruits – or else.

4 Candy Necklace

Every little girl and her dolls wore candy necklaces, and if not the necklace, then a bracelet. If men ever ponder why women love jewelry so much, you can thank the inventor of the Candy Necklace. The inventor, who is unknown, I am sure is giggling her entire way to the bank, and then off to the jewelry store – where she will buy her next piece of inspiration. Thank you designer of the best childhood candy ever, you have given me my love and desires for colored gems.

5 Fun-Dip

How could you not love a stick of sugar that you lick and dip into unlikely colored powdered sugar? You’d be crazy not to, well that or else possibly not wanting to go into a diabetic seizure. Either way you can agree the Fun-Dips were one of the best childhood memories you had with candy.

6 Pop Rocks

Now this childhood candy was a favorite of mine, swallowing too early and you could feel fireworks in your throat. Eating Pop Rocks while drinking soda; you know you were the brave one to try it, thereby putting the exploding stomach myth to rest. Whether you were the brave soldier in your group or not, I know you have had a packet or 2 in your lifetime of the best childhood candy.

7 Ring Pops

Ring Pops are another reason why most men can’t afford women; our early age experiences with big jewels and gems. Thank you Topps and Frank Richards for creating a wedding ring standard so high that some men save for years. I really mean that. Thank you! Ring Pops, by no surprise, was another one of my childhood favorites. Always going for the pink, it’s no wonder I wanted my wedding band designed with pink diamonds.

8 Wax Lips

Putting Angelina’s pout to shame, the Wax Lips were another one of my beloved candy obsessions. I remember gazing in the mirror and thinking how I could give any women a run for their money with these bad boys. After using them once or twice to tease my parents, I just threw these sexy red lips in the trash. Little did I know they were supposed to be chewed as gum after. What a waste of gum!

Did I take you down memory lane or what? I know my first stop this afternoon will be to find myself a Ring Pop, Pop Rocks and buy some Wax Lips from Amazon. What are your best childhood candy that you recall? Did I miss any childhood candies that you wanna share?

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