7 Cleaning Tricks Using Items in Your Pantry or Medicine Chest ...


There are all sorts of unusual cleaning tricks that people use to clean things around the house. For instance, if you run out of the blue window cleaner, do you know what else you could use to make your windows shine? All sorts of everyday items we have in our pantries and medicine chests contain active ingredients that can be useful for cleaning. You never know when one of these cleaning tricks will come in handy.

1. Beer


As strange as this may sound, flat beer works well at cleaning and shining wood furniture, banisters and decks. Just dampen a cloth with the beer and wipe it over the wood. Since flat beer is recommended, either leave a can open overnight or just use what's left in the bottom of someone's can. Your wood furniture will not smell like beer and there is no need to rinse it off afterwards. This is one of those lesser-known cleaning tricks that really works!

Denture Cleaner
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