Cloud Eggs Are the Food Trend You Still Need to Try ...

By Deeceebee

Cloud  Eggs  Are the Food  Trend You Still  Need to Try  ...

Have you ever made cloud eggs? Do you remember last year when your Instagram feed started to get overrun with pictures of cute, crazy looking egg dishes that seemed like something out of a Roald Dahl novel? Well, those were called cloud eggs, and even though they had their hey day back in 2017, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be making them for breakfast and brunch this year too!

Just like the Starbucks Unicorn drink that took over social media, cloud eggs became a fast favourite with the food pic crowd, but unlike the unicorn frap that looked like it contained every single one of all the E numbers, cloud eggs are a genuinely healthy thing to cook whilst also being beautiful enough to get those likes and retweets! You should try your hand at making them not just because they make a great food post opportunity, but because they genuinely do provide a really interesting egg eating experience that you may not have had before!

So, the question is how to make cloud eggs? The answer is a pleasant one, they are actually really simple. Here is a great video I found that teaches you exactly how to master the delicate art of the cloud egg!

And once you have mastered that, why not take things a step further and make some delicious looking cloud bread? Just another cloudy delight to add to your ever expanding repertoire and the perfect accompaniment to cloud eggs!

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