9 Coffee Flavors to Try ...


9 Coffee Flavors to Try ...
9 Coffee Flavors to Try ...

I’m always on the lookout for new coffee flavors to try because I love coffee so much! Coffee is one of the “addictions” that it’s okay to have-and I do say that lightly! Coffee has some healthy benefits, but too much of anything isn’t always a good idea. Below are some of my tried-and-true coffee favorites that I think everyone should try at least once. Read on if you want to know 9 coffee flavors to try!

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My all time favorite of these wonderful coffee flavors to try is mocha! Who doesn’t love chocolate and coffee mixed together? I’m a fan of cold mochas, so I love to make mine with ice. You can try it either way, but it tastes delish with an extra shot of whipped cream and a few chocolate shavings on top!



I’m not a big fan of caramel, but I actually love caramel in my coffee! It really sweetens it up, and of course gives it a very rich flavor. Depending on how much you love caramel, you can add as much or as little as you want. Sometimes, it even tastes good to mix both caramel and chocolate flavors into your coffee!



Lots of people think that peppermint coffee would just remind them of Christmas, and in a way I guess it does. But that doesn’t mean you can only drink it at Christmas time! I love peppermint tea and peppermint chocolate, so it’s only natural that I would like peppermint coffee. For your first time trying it, go light so it’s more of a fresh taste and not too overwhelming.



Cinnamon coffee is just one of those things that gives you warm, fuzzy feelings! If you have never tried a little cinnamon in your coffee, it should definitely make it onto your list of coffee flavors to try out. You can find cinnamon flavored creamers, but I love to add a few teaspoons of the real stuff to my coffee for a nice kick-start to my morning.



I usually only drink pumpkin flavored coffee during the fall season, but that doesn’t mean that you have to! It just feels right to me, but I know some girls who use pumpkin flavored creamers year-round. Pumpkin flavored coffee has a smooth texture and I love the after-taste it leaves in my mouth.


White Chocolate

I’m not only a coffee fan, but I love my cappuccino as well! Besides French vanilla, white chocolate is one of my favorite cappuccino flavors to try. It gives such a creamy taste to my coffee! If you find a white chocolate flavored syrup or creamer, try it out in your coffee or cappuccino and I know you’ll love it as much as I do!


Java Chip

Here is another coffee flavor I prefer to drink cold, but I’ve had it served hot too. It’s all according to your personal preferences! Java chip is a very sweet and rich flavor, so if you don’t like your coffee very sweet, you may not like java chip. If you have a sweet tooth though, this one is for you. Nothing tastes better than an iced, java chip coffee on a hot day!


Irish Crème

I recently discovered Irish crème flavoring for my coffee and I was immediately hooked! There’s no way to really quite describe how good it tastes. I’ll just say this: make sure you try it for yourself!



This one might be a little out there for some of you, but it can’t hurt to give it a try, right? I love the tropical fruits, and coconut mixed with coffee just feels like a summer vacation! Again, I prefer this one to be cold because it tastes better to me that way. You can go for a coconut flavoring, or you can add some real coconut if you’re feeling adventurous!

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to go to a coffee house to try out these flavors! You can buy flavored syrups or creams to keep at home and make your own coffee! This will help save you money as well, so that’s a bonus. What are some of your favorite coffee flavors?

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Cinnamon sounds good will try thanks ;)

White chocolate is my favorite, but cannot find in stores . Is it a seasonal flavor???

Kona mocha!

If you get a plain latte, just add some some cinnamon and honey to it (they'll most likely have some out). It's delicious :)

What? No hazelnut?

blueberry coffee is a surprising twist to try

So Delicious makes a French vanilla and a hazelnut coconut milk coffee creamer which is my go-to when I don't drink it black

Omg but the extra unnecessary calories..

Katie there are other coffee stores that sell these flavors.

White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha. Yes, this is a hipster drink xD

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