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10 Colorful and Healthy Unicorn Noodles on IG for Fit and Fun Girls ...

By Eliza

What are unicorn noodles you ask? Essentially, they are just noodles that colored fun shades. As you probably know, unicorn everything is trending big time these days so it's no surprise that you can jump on the bandwagon at mealtime. The great thing is that the colors make eating more fun, but they don't make the meal unhealthy. Provided you stick with a moderately sized portion, you can totally enjoy unicorn noodles to your heart's content. Thanks so much to for introducing us to this awesome trend.

1 Surrounded by Veggies

2 Pretty with Kale, Cabbage and Cauliflower

3 Radish Slices and Flowers Are Perfect

4 Avocado is the Perfect Addition

5 Spring Roll Unicorn Noodles

6 Sauce on the Side is Healthy

7 Looks like Dinner, Doesn't It?

8 We Heart Unicorn Noodles

9 Unicorn Noodles in a Jar

10 Serve It up in Style

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