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Certain condiments and spices that boost your metabolism are ones you likely already have in your pantries, so listen up! While whole foods are an important cornerstones of any diet, certain condiments and spices that boost your metabolism are also important to remember when it comes to eating to increase your energy or maintain your weight. Stock your pantry with a few of these choices and give your body just the extra boost it’s looking for!

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Mustard Mustard is one of the most well-loved condiments and spices that boost your metabolism. This calorie-free condiment contains mustard seeds and vinegar, which both help lower your blood sugar so you crave fewer sweets and other high-calorie foods. I wouldn’t suggest consuming mustard on hot dogs and beef burgers for weight loss though. How about using it on a yummy veggie burger or in a healthy salad dressing instead? Yes, much better!



Turmeric Turmeric is a fantastic spice for your metabolism and your entire body. Rich in the antioxidant curcumin, turmeric improves your metabolic burn, digestion, and your skin. Even though it’s bright orange color is a little overwhelming, the taste of turmeric is fairly mild. I like using it in soups, stews, and salad dressings, sprinkled onto steamed veggies, or in homemade sauces like marinara sauce.



Cinnamon Cinnamon is another powerful spice to add to your diet due to its effects on the hormone insulin. Cinnamon contains the mineral chromium, which improves insulin levels to prevent spikes in your blood sugar that can lead to weight gain and even diabetes. Cinnamon also has a nice sweet flavor to lower sweet cravings and it improves your digestion, which is important for a healthy metabolism.


Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce No matter which kind you choose, hot sauce can lower your cravings for sweets and satisfy you sooner than sugary sauces like barbecue sauce or ketchup. Hot sauce contains peppers, which contain the compound capsicum. Capsicum causes the body to heat up and thus burn more calories, a process known as thermogenesis. Add a bit of hot sauce to cooked rice, quinoa, as a topping for veggies, in soups and stews, or just use it as a spicy salad dressing. Some varieties do contain added sugars and high amounts of salt, so be sure to use them mindfully.


Lemon Peel

Lemon Peel Lemons contain Vitamin C and detoxifying nutrients that improve your metabolism and your liver health. Most of the nutrients found in lemons are located in the peel, not the internal flesh of the fruit. Dried lemon peel is found in the spice aisle and can add a large amount of flavor to your foods without the need for salt or sugar. I suggest going with organic brands since conventional lemons contain heavy amounts of pesticides, most of which are located in the peels.



Ginger Ginger is a spice that’s commonly consumed for nausea or joint pain due to the way it lowers inflammation in the body and improves digestion. You can buy whole ginger root in the produce section or the ground version that is sold as a spice at the supermarket. Fresh ginger root is fantastic for your metabolism since it also triggers thermogenesis in the body, like peppers do. Add a little slice here and there to tea, coffee, muffins, smoothies, oatmeal, or even to veggies, soups, or stews.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper All peppers improve your metabolism, but ground cayenne pepper is one of the best you can consume and the most well-tolerated if you can’t stomach varieties like jalapeno or chile peppers. Cayenne triggers thermogenesis, improves digestion, can relieve inflammation, and also aids in detoxification of the liver. Sprinkle it anywhere you can in tiny amounts and reap the energizing benefits all day long.

All of these condiments and spices that boost your metabolism cost less than a few dollars and are easy enough for anyone to add to their routine. They aren’t a replacement for a healthy diet full of veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes, but they are worth adding to your menu if you’d like a metabolic boost to your routine. What’s your favorite way to use these condiments and spices that boost your metabolism?


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Turmeric ❤️

Add fresh ginger or cinnamon to green tea as it infuses.

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