Creative Halloween Party Snacks to Make ...


Creative Halloween Party Snacks to Make ...
Creative Halloween Party Snacks to Make ...

With Halloween only a few days away, why not make some of these spooky and insanely awesome Halloween treats?! They're easy to create and will have all your guests wanting more. Take a look:

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Oreo Spiders

Oreo Spiders This Halloween treat is so easy to create! Just stick pretzel sticks in the sides of double-stuffed Oreos. Then, use frosting to stick some M&Ms on top of the Oreos for eyes.


Spooky Brownies

Spooky Brownies How ridiculously cute are these spooky boo brownies?! It's easy to achieve and you can get the reciepe on


Mummy Hot Dogs

Mummy Hot Dogs Everyone will love these mummy hot dogs! Take some crescent or breadstick dough, cut it into strips, and then wrap it around the hot dogs! Simple, right?


Frankenstein Rice Kris Pies

Frankenstein Rice Kris Pies These Frankenstein rice krispies are just as fun to eat as they are to make! Just add green food coloring, dip it in melted chocolate, and then decorate with icing and chocolate chips.


'poison' Toffee Apples

'poison' Toffee Apples A black candy coating gives the apple the perfect sinister look. Get the recipe on

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Those apples😱❤️🍏

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