9 Creative Ways to Use Your Blender ...


Of all the ways to use your blender, it would be a shame to reserve it for smoothies and shakes only. There are several creative ways to use your blender that can save you time, money, and a huge mess. Plus, there are several ways to use your blender that might even make your recipes come out better. Let me show you a few new ways to use your blender some of you might not have thought of yet, or had time to put to use.

1. Soup


Perhaps one of the most popular and useful ways to use your blender is to make a mean batch of hot and steamy soup! I like to toss whatever ingredients I want into my soup straight in the blender. In just minutes I have a thick, hearty, slightly sweet and amazingly savory soup that hits the spot every single time. You can make any kind of soup you want in your blender from fresh or canned ingredients. If you have a Blendtec, you can even use the soup button, and the blender actually cooks your soup as it blends it, or you can use a household blender, and just pour the ingredients into your pot and heat until warmed.

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