Crockpot Cookies for Those Short on Time ...


Crockpot Cookies for Those Short on Time  ...
Crockpot Cookies for Those Short on Time  ...

Are you hungry for a dessert but have no time and/or no energy to bake? This recipe is so simple, perfect for kids to learn, also!

The Stay At Home Chef
Published on May 9, 2016

All ingredients are part of an everyday pantry so, no shopping for expensive or complicated ingredients.

The crockpot does everything! During warm weather, keep the kitchen cool. During cool weather, fill your home with a delicious aroma!

This is basically a kid's favorite treat! Easy enough for a kid to do on their own. A recipe that keeps on giving!

So, to be short, sweet and to the point, if you are a cookie monster or know of any cookie monsters, share the love of a crockpot chocolate chip cookie bar.

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