7 Crowd Pleasing Cocktails to Share with Friends at Your Next Party ...


A party isn’t really a party without some crowd pleasing cocktails. No matter the reason for your party, most guests want to have a yummy drink to enjoy while they mingle and eat snacks. As the host, you can plan some unique mixtures to wow your nearest and dearest. Of course, it’s always best to try them out first, so test out these ideas and mix up a batch of crowd pleasing cocktails.

1. Kahlua and Milk

Kahlua and Milk

This combination is perfect as an after dinner drink and is sure to please all the guests on your list. Simply mix an ounce of Kahlua with a cup or so of milk in a rocks glass and stir. It tastes so much like dessert that you might get out of having to bake a cake. If it’s cold outside, serve this cocktail warm. Then place this drink at the top of your list of crowd pleasing cocktails.

Cranberry Juice and Vodka
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