7 Cuts of Beef and What to do with Them ...

I love a thick, juicy sirloin, but there are plenty of cuts of beef that I can eat to shake things up. Beef gets a bad rap, but eating it once a week isn’t going to hurt you, according to the experts. It’s true that you shouldn’t eat it every day, but beef is a great source of protein, B vitamins and iron, so it makes a healthy addition to your meal plan in moderation. Check out these cuts of beef and what you can do with them and you’ll be eating great meals in no time.

1. Sirloin

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Sirloin steaks are my absolute favorite of the many cuts of beef on store shelves. They are lower in fat than other choices and they grill up so fantastically. They make a great meal choice in the summer when you want to eat on the patio. Just grill the steak to your desired degree of doneness, then season simply with salt and pepper. Serve with a baked potato and a tossed salad and you’re all set.

2. Ribs

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Who doesn’t love ribs? They always go over well at my house. If you have time to smoke your ribs or cook them all day, go for it. I don’t, so I have a backup trick that gives ribs that great all day flavor without all the work and time. I put them in a slow cooker and season with the dry spices. Use whatever ones are your favorite. Then, I top the meat with barbecue sauce and cook it on low for several hours. Yum!

3. Chuck

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Chuck is ideal for stew. I like to stock up in the fall so I can make hearty soups and stews all winter long. You can often find chuck steak pre-cut into cubes at your supermarket. That takes a ton of work out of your hands. Toss the meat cubes into your favorite stew recipe and you have a meal you’ll want to eat all the time.

4. Rib Eye

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A rib eye steak is higher in fat than a sirloin, but all that marbling gives the meat a superb flavor. You won’t want to eat one all the time, but the occasional indulgence won’t hurt your health and it’s good for the soul. Rib eyes are great for frying, so use one to make a great steak and eggs breakfast or serve it alongside mashed potatoes.

5. Filet

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If you like your meat on the rare side, filet is the cut for you. It’s the most tender cut of beef and also the most expensive. You’ll see filets on any steakhouse menu, but you can use them at home to make carpaccio. If you simply like a grilled steak that’s pretty rare, choose filets for quick and delicious grilling.

6. T-Bone

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A T-bone is the perfect cut of beef if you want to make an impression at mealtime. It’s one of the costlier cuts, but it’s got a bit of tenderloin and some strip steak combined in one cut, so you get a tasty flavor with that great T-shaped bone that many people equate with a good steak. This cut is perfect for grilling outside or pan-frying inside.

7. Rump

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The meat on a rump cut is often a bit firmer than other cuts, but it’s perfect for cutting into strips for stir-fry or tacos. It’s simple to flavor this cut in a variety of ways and you can use it for a wide range of meal options.

What’s your favorite cut of beef? Please give me your tips and tricks for cooking great meals with beef.

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