7 Delectable Cafs in New York to Keep Warm in This Winter ...


7 Delectable Cafs in New York to Keep Warm in This Winter ...
7 Delectable Cafs in New York to Keep Warm in This Winter ...

When it comes to keeping warm on a cold winter day, there is no better option than to hit up the coolest cafés in New York. From romantic dates to friendly gatherings, there are a variety of excuses to drop by for your caffeine fix. As a tea lover, nothing excites me more than encountering a wide array of beverage options and being surrounded by the smell of freshly baked food. Now that winter has arrived, these delightful cafés in New York will draw you in and embrace you with open arms.

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Housing Works Bookstore Café

Housing Works Bookstore Café As a certified bibliophile, it only makes sense that I think that this is one of the greatest cafés in New York. Not only is their menu full of delicious options, all of the proceeds made go to the charity Housing Works. Located in the Soho area, being given the chance to be greeted by lovely volunteers and enjoy the overall ambience is one you shouldn't pass up.


Café Grumpy

Café Grumpy The name of this next café alone piqued my interest. Hailed by many as the gem of New York City, Café Grumpy carries an amazing amount of baked goods and excellent roasted drinks. With five distinct locations in different areas, I love how accessible and convenient it is. This is one of my favorite places to meet with friends.


Café Cortadito

Café Cortadito Trust me when I say that this café will appeal to lovers of ethnic food. To be specific, this café serves authentic Cuban dishes. Boasting diverse choices, one of the biggest perks is the unlimited drink special during brunch. For all of the ethnic food lovers out there, A Café is another great place to dine with family as their menu includes French and Caribbean cuisine.


Cinema Café

Cinema Café I went to Cinema Café for the first time this year for my birthday celebration and was blown away by both the service and the food. I love the fact that they host silent movie marathons while you are eating, adding a classy element to the overall ambience of the place. This is going to become one of my regular cafés to frequent.


Café Hooloo

Café Hooloo Café Hooloo is definitely one of the best cafés in the Elmhurst area of Queens. I was completely thrilled when I heard that they added crêpes to the menu. The decor of this place is extremely inviting; with its comfortable chairs, you will feel right at home.


Postmark Café

Postmark Café This next café scores points for its incredibly warm atmosphere. Located in Park Slope, this is certainly my go-to spot when I want a change of pace. With the amount of cozy couches available, it will be hard to force yourself not to linger. This is a cool place to host study sessions in as well.


Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee Lastly, with their intricate coffee designs and "drip coffee" feature, Blue Bottle Coffee Is a café that you must visit. There are five locations around the city with an extensive coffee list; my favorite location to visit is the one on Berry Street in the Williamsburg area. While some may consider it to be a bit more expensive, I truly believe that the food is absolutely worth it.

On those cold winter nights, you may want to keep this list of amazing cafés in mind the next time you're looking for a place to warm up in. What are some of your favorite cafés to hang out in?

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