Delicious 🤤 and Authentic Taiwanese 🇹🇼 Milk Tea 🍶Recipe ...

Although I know very little about Taiwan, this YouTube video caught my attention. This recipe creates an alternative to the every day cup of coffee or iced coffee.

Simply follow!

All it takes are 3 simple ingredients...

1. Tea Bags

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Red Rose tea bags are recommended. Personally, Red Rose is my favorite. Red Rose has a unique taste and not bitter. Comes in a box of many.

2. Non-dairy Creamer

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Easy to find and in large bottles.

3. Organic Cane Sugar

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With this ingredient, I am rather unfamiliar. I suppose search your local grocery store. If the store does not carry, maybe ask the manager if he/she could special order.

Angel Wong recommends purchasing a martini shaker to make your milk tea. If you like the milk tea, it would be a wise purchase.

So, be the hostess with the mostest at your next party. Also, have a cup when you are alone.

Thank you for watching!

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