Delicious Chocolate Fritos Candy ...

By Leiann

Delicious  Chocolate  Fritos  Candy ...

Do you want to make candy for Christmas this year? Maybe something unique? Don't know what to choose? Or, do you want to save money by making some chocolates instead of paying the astronomical cost of store-bought?

Look no further than this YouTube video!

Stephanie O'dea is a guru of the slow cooker world. She can make anything and everything in a crockpot. I get her weekly e-mail newsletters which are always superb so, I thought this video would be good to share, especially for the holiday season.

You get a little sweet. You get a little salty. The best of both worlds!

Just throw the ingredients in and let the slow cooker do its thing.

So, if you want to share goodies with loved ones, friends, or anyone on your list, this is economical, sure to please that craving and a nice gift.

Merry Christmas!

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