7 Delicious Dairy-Free Sources of Probiotics besides Supplements ...

If you don’t tolerate dairy but are looking for a good source of probiotics aside from pills, then try some dairy-free sources of probiotics instead. Most of us know that yogurt is a go-to source for probiotics, but it’s not the only source. In fact, many vegan forms can actually be much higher in natural probiotics, than those from dairy since dairy sources are pasteurized. Each of these dairy-free sources of probiotics can help your digestion, immunity, and even help combat depression and anxiety. Your gut health is essential to take care of since it is host to serotonin production, your immune system, and nutrient absorption. Getting in a good source of probiotics is the best way to ensure you protect your body from everyday toxins that disrupt your inner flora and prevent it from doing its job to protect you.

1. Kimchi

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I love kimchi, and this Korean form of sauerkraut is one of the best dairy-free sources of probiotics out there to choose. It’s spicy, slightly tangy, and very low in calories. I like King’s Kimchi brand, which contains nothing more than cabbage, peppers, onions, and garlic that have been fermented, just like sauerkraut. Fermented veggies are an excellent source of probiotics that are less processed than foods like dairy and buttermilk.

2. Sauerkraut

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If you don’t like spicy foods, try sauerkraut instead of kimchi. You want to be sure to buy it in the refrigerator section instead of from off the shelf. Sauerkraut on the shelf is often full of additives, or contains less probiotics than those in the refrigerated section, where the cultures are still live and active.

3. Goat Milk Yogurt

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Goat milk yogurt is another good dairy-free alternative to traditional cow's milk yogurt. It contains less sugar, more beneficial bacteria, none of the harmful effects of dairy yogurt like hormones and causes fewer difficulties with digestion.

4. Pickles

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Yep, the everyday pickle you grew up loving is also a great source of dairy-free probiotics. It’s a cultured veggie, and just like sauerkraut or kimchi, you’ll want to buy the refrigerated kind, located in the produce section. I my opinion, the best brand out there is Bubbles brand, which contains only cucumbers, natural well water, sea salt and nothing else. Stay away from typical brands that contain vinegar and even artificial food dyes! Read the label and check your pickles before they go in your cart. The simpler the ingredients, the better they’ll taste, and the more probiotics they’ll contain.

5. Kombucha

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Many people think this is an alcoholic drink, but you should know it’s not. Kombucha is simply a yeast culture that’s fermented into a beverage. It has a tangy taste and can produce a very strong smell, just like beer and wine. It’s completely alcohol-free and one of the best sources of probiotics. For this reason, you should know it’s very stout and a little goes a long way. I suggest trying just 2 ounces at first to make sure you tolerate it well. Kombucha is a very powerful drink, so be prepared for its strength before you take your first sip. Be sure you buy from a top quality brand for safety. I suggest Synergy Kombucha, which I love! All their flavors are awesome, especially any with added ginger. It tastes a lot like ginger ale, and helps digestion even further.

6. Coconut Water Kefir

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Another wonderful source of dairy-free probiotics that is a personal favorite of mine is coconut water kefir. There are many good brands available. One is Inner Eco, which you can find at Whole Foods. Coconut water kefir is full of nutrients and can not only improve digestion, but also immunity. It’s clear just like coconut water, and is made by culturing coconut water with kefir cultures (non-dairy). The sugars in natural coconut water help feed the good bacteria, and a delicious drink is the result.

7. Chocolate

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Hallelujah, you’ve got it! Chocolate is actually a source of probiotics ladies! The best kind to buy is a raw form of cacao like cacao nibs or raw chocolate bars however dark chocolate is also an excellent source .Stay away from milk chocolate, or chocolate with a lot of sugars in it for the best health choices. Cacao beans are naturally produced with fermentation, making them a rich source of belly friendly probiotics, though they are rarely marketed as such. Do be aware however, that cacao powder and cocoa powder are not high in probiotics, and shouldn’t be considered a good source to rely on.

Obviously, you can take a dairy-free supplement for probiotics if you like. I like Renew Life brand in certain formulas, but try some of these foods first. They're delicious, and a great addition to your meals and your healthy eating routine. Do you eat any of these dairy-free sources of probiotics? What’s your favorite kind?

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