7 Delicious Foods That Are Great for Cheat Day ...

Trying to have a cheat day without totally ruining your healthy lifestyle is hard, but hopefully this article will help you come up with ideas for foods that are great for cheat day. The best way to keep a healthy lifestyle without torturing yourself is eating everything in moderation. Sometimes it’s crucial to feed your soul to keep your mind and body at ease. Having bad cravings can drive you nuts, so might as well kill those cravings and prevent yourself from completely falling off the health wagon. Here are 7 delicious foods that are great for cheat day.

1. Chocolate

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Despite having a bad reputation, chocolate in limited amounts is actually really great for health. Dark chocolate is high in phenols, which can help prevent bad cholesterol from clotting your arteries. It contains flavonoid antioxidants that offer protection from UV damage and it doesn't hurt that it boosts your mood. Not only is it healthy but it tastes heavenly, which makes it one of the best foods that are great for cheat day.

2. Chips and Guacamole

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Chips and guacamole are great for those days when you crave something salty. Although it's not a diet food, there are some benefits to this snack because avocados are filled with antioxidants, such as vitamin E, glutathione, and lutein, which are great both for your immune system and important for the eyes. You’ll be able to consume a plethora of healthy fats and kill your craving at the same time.

3. Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust

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We all have those days when we can’t get pizza out of our mind. So instead of going crazy, go for it but try to choose the better option. For example, go for a pizza with whole wheat crust and instead of getting pepperoni with extra cheese, go for some veggies. You’ll be able to satisfy yourself without feeling completely guilty after.

4. Green Tea Ice Cream

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If you are craving some ice cream, the best option would be to try green tea ice cream. Although it definitely won’t be the same as drinking green tea, you’ll still be able to get the similar benefits of green tea as long as you choose the healthy kind. You can even attempt to make homemade green tea ice cream to make it extra healthy. Just make sure to limit your portions and know when to stop because it is still ice cream after all!

5. Low-fat Frozen Yogurt

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Another great option for ice cream craving is low-fat frozen yogurt. Although you can’t call frozen yogurts completely healthy, they feel a lot lighter after consumption. You won’t feel it weigh you down like most of ice creams do and it is just as filling as any other frozen treat.

6. Sweet Potato Fries

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One of the best and semi-healthy alternatives to French fries is sweet potato fries. Instead of just adding fat to your diet, you’ll be able to provide yourself with a dose of beta-carotene and still get the chance to eat fried goodies. Just give them a try and you might even like them!

7. Berry Pie

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Instead of going for a carrot cake because it sounds like a vegetable, try a berry pie as your desert. Fruits and berries specifically, are great sources of antioxidants and have compounds that may potentially prevent Alzheimer's. Load up on those berries and leave the crust behind because it’s just loaded with saturated fat.

Having cheat days is completely okay, as long as you don’t have them every day and try to stay moderate with your calorie intakes. Life is too short to never consume some of the most forbidden goodies! What is your favorite food to treat yourself on a cheat day?

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