9 Delicious Instagram Vegan Accounts You Should Be following ...


I recently made the transition to a plant based diet and much of the inspiration I found came through following these lovely Instagram accounts. These delicious vegan Instagram accounts post wonderful images of plant based foods that are not only nutritious but pleasing to the eye. Whether you eat a plant based diet or simply need motivation to eat more fruits and veggies, these Instagram accounts will surely inspire you.

1. Paris by Vegan

Paris by Vegan

One of my absolute favorite vegan accounts is NoΓ©mie aka Paris By Vegan. NoΓ©mie leads a healthy life in Paris and inspires others to do so. I love her account because she encourages through love, never forcing her beliefs on others but simply shares what she eats. I think you will find her gorgeous breakfast photos of what she’s eating and what she’s reading delightful.

Hannah Jane McNeely
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