10 Delicious Meal Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers ...


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now you are stuck with loads of turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and stuffing. What was once a feast you've been waiting for all year, is now old news and may not look so appetizing after your third consecutive day of eating the same leftovers in the same way. So instead, try to think of new meal ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers that will give you some variety while still using up all the food in your fridge! Here are 10 Delicious Meal Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers!

1. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Sandwich

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Sandwich

Source: chow.com

Most people love making special sandwiches out of their Thanksgiving leftovers. One famous example is from the TV show "Friends" when Ross is devastated after someone at his job eats his Thanksgiving leftover sandwich that he looks forward to his sister making him every year. This sandwich is by far, the most epic looking one I've seen! This version of a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich took on the challenge of trying to get every single component of the Thanksgiving meal packed between two pieces of bread, down to a smashed dinner roll in the center!


1/2 dinner roll

2 tbsp mashed potatoes

1 cup shredded roasted turkey (about 3 ounces)

3 tbsp turkey gravy, warmed

2 slices white bread

2 tbsp cranberry sauce

4 1/2 tsp mayonnaise

1/3 cup stuffing

2 tbsp mashed sweet potatoes

1/3 cup green bean casserole


Using a Rolling Pin or Drinking Glass, Flatten the Dinner Roll until It’s about 1/4 Inch Thick. Spread the Mashed Potatoes on the Dinner Roll in an Even Layer; Set Aside
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