8 Delicious Reasons to Love Eggs ...


Besides just being one of those foods that basically every one knows how to prepare, there really are so many reasons to love eggs. From making your food look more appealing to acting as a binder, eggs can be used for more than just simply eating. They are also very nutritious - even though some people don't like their cholesterol levels, which incidentally is all found in the yolk. Even if you aren’t a culinary genius, I’m sure that you too can find several more cooking-inspired reasons to love eggs.

1. Eggs Leaven

Whipping eggs creates a mass of tiny bubbles of air. Now add heat and these bubbles expand, providing an airy lightness that is necessary for recipes like soufflés, meringues, and angel food cakes. As a huge fan of Pavlova (a meringue-based dish), this is definitely one of my favorite culinary reasons to love eggs.

Eggs Thicken
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