7 Deliciously Scrumptious Tips on How to Make Incredibly Yummy Pizza at Home ...


7 Deliciously Scrumptious Tips on How to Make Incredibly Yummy Pizza at Home ...
7 Deliciously Scrumptious Tips on How to Make Incredibly Yummy Pizza at Home ...

Make Pizza at Home quickly and easy – and ensure it will be delicious! How? Well, I'm hear to help you! I love to make pizza at home. Sometimes the Better Half and I make croissant pizzas, flat bread pizzas, pizza boats, or pizza muffins. Either way, it's tastier than takeout pizza, easily customizable, and it ends up being a lot cheaper. If you're a pizza lover who adores cooking, try it yourself! Just use these great tips to make pizza at home that tastes scrumptious!

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KISS Sauce

To make pizza at home that tastes good, your sauce is important. The best tip? Keep it simple, stupid. This is constantly a mantra in my head because I like to experiment with different ingredients. However, pizza sauce is generally better when you keep it nice, simple, and classic. A few herbs and spices are cool, but don't go overbard!


Weigh Your Dry Ingredients

This is actually really important. Just as with baking, the amount of flour and other dry ingredients you use can make big – and potentially disastrous – differences. Make sure you weigh out your ingredients so you know you're spot on. That makes the difference in creating a delicious crust … or one you just want to throw away.


The Rise of the Dough

There are lots of controversies concerning dough. Should it be kneaded by machine or by hand? Do you need a food processor? A dough hook? No. You can totally use those things, but you can knead it by hand as well, and it will be just fine. Make sure you give it plenty of time to rise, but it doesn't have to take all day – and you can safely freeze it, if you like.


Fresh Ingredients

The fresher the ingredients, the better. If you can get fresh pepperoni and cheese, awesome – but I'm not quite as concerned with these. Rather, if you're putting vegetables and herbs on your pizza, make sure they're fresh and delicious. Trust me, it will just benefit your meal.


Cheese Please

When you make pizza at home, feel free to experiment with cheese – and use lots of it. Fresh mozzarella really is better than the grated, bagged kind, but your mileage may vary. Try some Monterey Jack too, along with provolone. If you're feeling adventurous, use feta, goat cheese, gorgonzola, or even fontina.


To Stone or Not to Stone

Here's another controversial topic. Some people say it's the secret ingredient necessary for a delicious pizza, others say it isn't really necessary. I've never used one – mainly because I've never had a pizza stone – but I can safely say my pizza always comes out delicious. Unless I make a stupid mistake, but that's another topic!


Know Your Oven

If you want to successfully make pizza at home, you have to know your oven. They're all different: some are slow, some are fast, some heat up faster than a blink, some cook unevenly, et cetera. Know all your oven's quirks before you try cooking your pizza, to make sure it's even, doesn't burn, and doesn't come out underdone.

Learning to make pizza at home is super easy. It's not nearly as hard as you might think. It's easy to make mouth watering pies that contain all of your favorite things. If you make pizza at home with your partner, it's even better. It's tons of fun, you'll have a blast, and you'll get a yummy meal out of it, too! How do you like to make pizza at home?

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