Delish Un-fried Mexican Ice Cream Sundae ...


Delish Un-fried Mexican Ice Cream Sundae ...
Delish Un-fried Mexican Ice Cream Sundae ...

This is so unbelievably easy to create, frugal and yummy! Just like fried ice cream...only un-fried!

Out of all cereals, I think Golden Grams or Cinnamon Toast Crunch would be the best. Vanilla ice cream could even be played around with...maybe chocolate? Use the syrup as little or as much to your liking. This is easy!

All ingredients are inexpensive at the dollar store.

All ingredients are sweet, but not too sweet.

I liked the tip to serve the un-fried ice cream in cupcake liners. However, I think disposable bowls would not be quite as messy.

Make these for your next party! Make them for your family and friends!

Thank you for watching!

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