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Did You Know That These Colors Affect Your Appetite?

By Neecey

Various factors affect your appetite, but did you ever imagine that color would be one of them? They say you eat with your eyes before you eat with your stomach, so which colors on and off the plate can affect what you want to put or not put in your mouth?

1 Gray

GrayIt is hard to find a plate full of gray food that looks appetizing. Gray is a big no-no for any restaurant owner, whether it's in the interior, dining room, or on the platter. Try another color or you will make people turn away from the thought of food.

2 Black

BlackBlack is a definite indicator of how colors affect your appetite in a negative fashion. Think of squid ink pasta or risotto. No matter how delicious they might be, it’s still hard to take the first bite. Most of us avoid cooking anything that's black in color. You should also avoid it when decorating your dining room or kitchen.


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3 Blue

BlueIt seems there's a fight going on between gray, black, and blue to win the "least appetizing" food color award. Have you noticed how there are few naturally occurring foods that are gray, black or blue? Go figure! Blue is definitely a strong contestant because it never feels appealing to eat. It's associated with calmness, and people who love blue would enjoy sleeping more than eating. Even a blue light in your kitchen, dining room, or restaurant will greatly suppress your appetite. Go for it only when you're trying to lose weight and are actively trying to eat less.

4 Brown

BrownThe color brown won't make you feel very hungry. This dark color sometimes makes people think of food that's burnt or slightly overdone. But for most women who are weight conscious, it is the link of brown with baked goods – bread, pieces, pastries – that can put a dent in the appetite.

5 Purple

PurpleIt's not a common color in the world of foods, and it is also a good idea to avoid it when decorating your kitchen, dining room, or restaurant. It is the darkness of the purple that is usually off-putting when it comes to a food being appetizing, which is a shame because purple foods like eggplants are very healthy.

6 Orange

OrangeThe color orange acts as an appetite stimulant mainly because it increases your mental activity and makes you feel hungry. Some of the healthiest foods are orange, such as carrots, butternut squash, pumpkins, and oranges.

7 Green

GreenIt's never difficult to find someone who is in love with everything green. It's such a healthy color and works great to increase your appetite. People love salads, and anything that's green looks fresh too. You can opt for green to decorate your dining area because it always promotes healthy eating. And any boring looking plate of food can be made attractive with something green, even if it’s just some snipped chives or a sprinkle of a fresh herb.

8 Turquoise

TurquoiseYou may think turquoise is quite close to blue, but the difference is large enough to make turquoise an appetite stimulant. This color of tropical waters makes you feel happy and elated, and you really cannot stop yourself from overeating when you're in a good mood.

9 Yellow

YellowThis cheery color is stimulating. Just like orange, it relates to happiness and inspires you to eat more. Yellow in your surroundings will also stimulate your appetite.

10 Red

RedRed wins the "most appetizing" food color award because it has the power to increase your heart rate, raise your blood pressure, and make you feel hungry. Red foods are also attractive because they are so bright and obvious. Red is a fantastic color to have in your kitchen or dining room.

Mother Nature is pretty clever. The colors that have a positive effect on appetite are also the colors of the healthiest and most nutritious foods. Pile your plate with red, orange, yellow, and green veggies and fruits, and not only will you stimulate your appetite but you’ll eat really well too.

What are your favorite food colors? Mine’s definitely red and orange.


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