7 Differences between Various Types of Maca You Should Know ...


Maca is a well-known superfood (and definitely one you should try) but before you purchase your first batch, make sure you know the differences between various types of maca. Maca helps fight stress, helps the body produce energy, aids in muscle recovery, and can help balance out hormones in men and women. Since the superfood has gained traction in the food industry, low-quality labels and brands have been producing less than stellar products that won’t deliver like real maca will. Real maca comes straight from Peru where maca originates and is cultivated in low temperatures to preserve the nutrients. It also comes in a variety of types and colors, which can leave many people confused as what to buy. If you’ve been to purchase maca and been overwhelmed with all the choices, here are the differences between various types of maca so you can make the best decision for your personal health needs.

1. Red Maca

Red Maca

One of the main differences between various types of maca is the color. Red maca is actually not red in appearance but is a higher quality of maca, making it more expensive and more nutritionally dense. Most people also find it has a higher quality of taste with less bitterness than some maca products contain. Red maca has a nice, caramel, butterscotch flavor and a golden hue.

Cream Maca
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