7 Different Ways to Eat an Apple a Day ...


7 Different Ways to Eat an Apple a Day ...
7 Different Ways to Eat an Apple a Day ...

It’s a great idea to find ways to eat an apple every day because, well, it’s the doctor's orders! So here is a quick list of 7 different ways to eat an apple every day for seven days – that’s a whole week of wholesome apple goodness.

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Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

Apple Slices with Peanut Butter This is one of the easiest ways to eat an apple. It’s a preschool snack that never gets old. It’s quick and easy finger food you can munch on at the office, at home, or wherever! Simply slice an apple and spread your favorite type of peanut butter on each slice. If you have the jar of peanut butter all to yourself, feel free to dip the slices directly into the jar to save a step. That’s even faster snacking! And you’ve gotten one day of a yummy apple. Have fun with the peanut butter types by switching between creamy and crunchy to keep things interesting.


Apple Slices with Nutella

Apple Slices with Nutella A close kin to peanut butter is Nutella. If you haven’t heard of Nutella you are missing out! Nutella is a type of butter - like peanut butter - but instead of peanuts it's made with hazelnuts and chocolate. Now that fall is setting in, it’s a perfect replacement when you’ve had your fill of its peanut-y cousin. You can make this snack the same way: by slicing an apple and spreading Nutella on each slice. Again, if you’ve got the whole jar to yourself – lucky! – simply dip each slice straight into the Nutella and munch away.


Apples and Cheese

Apples and Cheese Another great pairing for apples is cheese. A great choice is cheddar, or perhaps a mix like Colby Jack Cheese. You can even make things a bit spicy and select a jalapeño cheese blend. The beauty of this snack is that you could eat it more than once each week and develop a different pairing. Gala apples with sharp cheddar, Fuji apples with Colby Jack ... the combinations go on and on! This is also a great snack to carry along with you to work or on a weekend road trip. To create, slice or cube an apple of your choice, then cube a cheese of your choice. Viola! You’ve found another way to eat an apple a day.


Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad For those of you who like to mix things up in the kitchen, fruit salad is a fun way to get your apple a day. Plus, you have the bonus of adding in several other fruits of your choice! Try mixing apples, grapes and cherries, or apples, pineapples and blueberries. Visit your local grocer to see what fruits are in season and incorporate them. This saves a bit of money and ensures that your fruit salad is really fresh. This one is easy: just chop the fruits of your choice, including your apples. Mix the fruits together. Let the mixture sit over night and you’ll have a yummy fruit salad in the morning.


Salted Caramel Apple

Salted Caramel Apple We’ve been really healthy so far, but we all know that sometimes that sweet tooth gets the best of us! When you want a dessert but you’re still trying to get your apple in for the day, there are options for you. One of these options is a salted caramel apple. This is a fall treat staple. Pick up some caramel and your favorite kind of apples. If you like the sweet and sour mix, a Granny Smith apple is a good choice. Melt the caramel and dip the apple in, covering all the way up to the stem. Add a bit of sea salt as the caramel cools for an extra yummy bite.

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Stewed Apples

Stewed Apples Want to add apples to your dinner plans? Try stewed apples. This is a great addition to a fall or winter meal because the apples are nice and warm. To make stewed apples, cut an apple (or a few apples depending on how many people you are feeding) into thick chunks and toss them into a pot. Add about a tablespoon of water per apple to the pot. Then, sprinkle on cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. Cover the pot tight with a lid and let the apples simmer slowly. A bonus to making stewed apples is the heavenly scent they create while the ingredients steam and mix together! Keep an eye on them as they stew. You will know they are ready when the apples are nice and soft.


A Good Ole Apple

A Good Ole Apple If all else fails and you’re in a big hurry, the best way to eat an apple a day is to simply do that: eat an apple! There are so many apple varieties that it will take you quite some time to get tired of eating them. Mcintosh, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, and so many more types vary with the seasons and according to where you live. So if you’re at a loss of what to pair with your apple, pop into a grocery store and pick up a type you’ve never tried before.

Now you can make your doctor proud by eating an apple every day of the week. These are easy, fun, and tasty ways to eat an apple a day. Do you have any apple recipes that help you eat an apple each day? Please share!

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For the stewed apple paragraph, it says add a tablespoon of ______ per apple, and doesn't list what that thing is, can I assume it's water? Or...?

But wouldn't you take in A LOT of calories by dipping your apple into peanut butter or nutella?


im actually dipping apple slices in salsa right now. its not half bad.

Ummm love apples and peanut butter, favorite snack since I was a little kid, and still sometimes have it :P

Awesome yummy :)

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