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8 Divine Chocolate Bars You Can Chew on ...

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Chocolate Bars are among the must-haves in my purse. Yep, you read that right! Chocolate bars. So when I get hungry from studying or working for hours at a time, I just fish out one bar from my purse and those darn hunger pangs just go away like magic. I kid you not! And I simply adore chocolate bars, don't you? I actually love so many of them that I can't possibly remember them all right now. But I have a few favorites that I will never forget, and so here are 8 divine **chocolate bars **you can chew on... to help you with those pesky hunger pangs.

1 Snickers

This is my all-time favorite. It is manufactured by Mars, Incorporated and has been around since the 1930s. I just love the perfect combo of its chewy caramel and crunchy roasted peanuts wrapped in its sweet chocolate cover. It's just heavenly! Makes me crave chocolate bars whenever I think about it. And it's filling, too, especially if you get those king size ones.

2 Milky Way

Milky Way is manufactured by the same company that makes Snickers. In fact, it was launched a few years before Snickers. Now, this bar is bit similar to Snickers, except that it doesn't have nuts. And it's super sweet! So if you have a sweet tooth but you're not really fond of peanuts--or you're allergic to them—this chocolate bar is the perfect one for you.


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3 Butterfinger

Looking at this, which is one of the most iconic chocolate bars, you would never doubt that it would be filling because it's one of those super-sized bars; it is approximately 7 inches long. It is manufactured by Nestlé and it consists of some hardened orange caramel covered in chocolate. The first time I tasted this, I almost chipped a tooth! But it was so yummy, I didn't mind that my jaw hurt after every other bite.

4 Crispy Crunch

Peanut butter is absolutely one of my favorite foods, so it's no wonder that Crispy Crunch is also one of my favorites. This chocolate bar is made up of a crispy peanut butter center covered in sweet milk chocolate. It is manufactured by that awesome chocolate company called Cadbury. I read that this is only available in Canada now. Lucky then that I have a sister in Canada!

5 3 Musketeers

This yummy bar is another product of Mars, Incorporated. It is one of those super sized chocolate bars and it has this soft marshmallow-y chocolate center covered in... (you guessed it!) chocolate. This bar is super sweet and after eating one bar, I often get sore throat. Haha. But I just usually ignore the soreness, open another one, and would proceed to stuff my face with it. Sore throat? Who cares?! Chocolate bars are greater than discomfort!

6 Chunky Kit Kat

When this first came out, I was so ecstatic I literally jumped up and down like an excited little girl that people in the store thought I spied some celebrity or something. I'm not kidding! That is how excited I get over chocolate. I guess I just couldn't believe my favorite chocolate covered wafer fingers were now available in these huge chunky chocolate bars. Sadly, I haven't had one of these things in quite a while. Now, the manufacturing of these delicious chocolate bars is a bit confusing. In the U.S., it is made by Hershey's but for the rest of the world, it is made by Nestlé.

7 Twix

This bar is also made by Mars, Incorporated and is a stick of biscuit topped with sweet chewy caramel and covered in sweet chocolate. My sister introduced this delectable candy to me last time she came home for a visit. Days before her flight home, she sent me a message saying she had a yummy surprise for me. When she arrived from the airport, she excitedly rummaged through her luggage and handed me a box of these exquisite chocolate bars, sporting this huge grin all the while. The gesture was so sweet, I couldn't help laughing out loud.

8 Hershey Bar

Well, this chocolate bar may not be as filling as Snickers or Butterfinger but it's certainly one of the greats out in the market today... in my opinion anyway. It's so yummy that I could finish two to three of these things in one sitting. I especially love those Special Dark Chocolate and Cookies 'N' Crème ones. This one is manufactured by The Hershey Company, of course, and has been around for over a century! Incredible, right?

If you love chocolate bars as much as I do and if you also have them in your purse at all times in case you get hungry, then I hope this post made you hungry! Well, I have been in love with chocolate for so long I actually can't remember when this sweet love affair started. And now, despite the threat of yucky pimples and sometimes ruined appetite, I still can't stop myself from craving a bar or two every other day. I know! Saying that I have a sweet tooth would certainly be an understatement. I guess I will never give up munching on these yummy chocolate bars for as long as I'm alive. Which chocolate bars are your favorites?

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