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DIY Holiday Food Treats ...

By Leiann

DIY Holiday Treats! Easy No Bake Desserts

If you hate baking, need something quick for a party, or want something as a hostess gift, Jill Cimorelli has you covered with her no-bake sweet treats!

Your kids could honestly do this!

1 Sugar Cookie Popcorn

For that sweet yet salty craving! Good for when you are short on cash, too.

2 Avalanche Cookies

A little more preparation, yet the ingredients are worth the effort! Peanut butter, icing, marshmallows, chocolate chips, ... Can you say yum?

3 Cookie Bites

Also good for if the wallet is empty. Simply go to the local dollar store for small peanut butter cookies and icing!

Not very much to discuss as so simple. But isn't that the best? I hope you like! Leave me a comment if you DIY!

Thank you for watching!

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