15 Dreamy Summer Cocktails Almost Too Good to Drink ...


15 Dreamy Summer Cocktails Almost Too Good to Drink ...
15 Dreamy Summer Cocktails Almost Too Good to Drink ...

Summer is right around the corner and that means you're probably dying to lounge out on the patio and sip a cocktail. At least that's how I'm feeling. There's nothing better than a fruity or refreshing cocktail that makes you feel like you're sitting on the beach somewhere. Everything here is beautiful to look at and so tasty to drink. Raise your glass to Theberry.com for sharing these delectable recipes with us.

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strawberry, strawberries, food, plant, produce, Not only do strawberries look damn delightful in pretty much any cocktail, they also taste delicious — so it’s really a win-win.


Fancy Fig Cocktails

drink, food, alcoholic beverage, plant, produce, Your guests will marvel at the periwinkle colored cocktails and wonder how on earth you managed to achieve such a magical hue. (Hint: it’s just food coloring, but you can say it’s magic.)


drink, caipirinha, alcoholic beverage, cocktail, plant, The cucumber is light and refreshing, the lime adds a bit of sweet and sour personality, and the tequila gives you a swift kick in the pants. So, it’s basically the perfect combo.


pink, food, petal, produce, lighting, Get your Martha Stewart on with these beautiful pastel cocktails — which really are a Martha Stewart recipe.


food, plant, drink, produce, land plant, You know what’s even better than a margarita? A margarita that’s got a bit of spark to it, in the form of spicy jalapeño flavor.


Honey Citrus Cocktail

drink, petal, food, cocktail, flower, Channel your inner bumblebee with this honey-infused cocktail — and by “inner bumblebee,” I mean “drunken bumblebee.”


Sparkling Rhubarb Shrub Cocktails

cocktail, drink, alcoholic beverage, cocktail garnish, cosmopolitan, Effervescent and tart, these cocktails are here to make you feel bougie and brunch-y.


drink, cocktail, juice, alcoholic beverage, liqueur, This gorgeous cocktail tastes like coconut and looks like a vibrant gemstone. What’s not to love?


pink, food, petal, drink, wine glass, Pinkies up, y’all! Nothing makes you feel fancier than sipping a drink mixed with rose simple syrup!


Rhubarb Basil Cocktail

food, produce, mojito, dish, drink, This cocktail is a little bit earthy and a little bit tart, but it’s 100% fresh.


Rosemary, Grapefruit & Gin Cocktail

food, watermelon, melon, fruit, plant, This cocktail is the perfect sweet and sour combo to sip while you’re sitting out on your porch on a sunny day (or to sip while pretending that you have a porch).


Lychee French 75

drink, alcoholic beverage, cocktail, petal, martini, The French 75 is already a classic cocktail, but add some lychee fruit and you’ve got a cocktail that’s ready for a spring fling (or two).


drink, alcoholic beverage, wine glass, stemware, wine, This classy elderflower cocktail gets a beautiful minimalist garnish from rolling part of the rim in chopped lavender, hibiscus, rose petals and sugar.


food, drink, produce, meal, breakfast, Perfect for when you want a sensible gin cocktail with a dash of whimsy (which, for me, is all the time).


food, dessert, petal, flower, produce, Have you ever seen a more beautiful drink?? This cocktail is topped with edible flowers, which makes it pretty much perfect for spring.

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