Drink These 👆🏼👈🏼 if You Want Great Skin 👩🏿👩🏽👩🏻👩🏼 ...


You know you have to drink lots of water and you know you have to avoid soda to stay healthy and to look good. But what about drinks that supercharge your skin and make it radiant and glowing? For this you need beverages that not only hydrate your body but are loaded with antioxidants to fight off aging, promote hydration, and leave your skin looking its best. Make these drinks a part of your long-time menu.

1. Soy Milk

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Soy milk is not only great for your bone health, it is also fantastic for improving your skin. Soy milk contains something called isoflavones which can work to guard your skin against wrinkles by protecting your natural collagen. Drinking soy milk can make your skin stay younger looking for longer. (Remember to buy non GMO soy milk.)

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2. Green Tea

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Green tea has a high number of health benefits, with one of the biggest being its antioxidant properties. The powerful chemicals in green tea help to protect your skin against damaging UV rays, and the drink can also help to decrease inflammation and redness.

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3. Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

If you want to take your green tea drinking to the next level on the way to go is Matcha green tea. This particular type of green tea contains almost 10 times as many antioxidants as the normal variety, which means that it will be 10 times as successful at reducing the effects of aging on your skin.

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4. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice

Amazingly, pomegranate juice contains nearly twice as many antioxidants as healthy green tea. Experts have stated that drinking a few glasses of pomegranate juice every day can help to lessen the look of the lines and wrinkles that start to appear on your face.

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5. Green Juice with Kale

Green Juice with Kale

One of the best drinks that will improve your skin is green juice with kale. It might be a trendy drink of choice at the moment, but that’s ‘cos there’s good reason. A green juice kale smoothie contains vitamin A, which is effective in promoting cell growth and healthy skin turnover. It also packs a good vitamin C punch, which is perfect for giving you a healthy glow.

Drink These 👆🏼👈🏼 if You Want Great Skin 👩🏿👩🏽👩🏻👩🏼 ...

6. Carrot Juice

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It has long been suggested that carrots can help you to see in the dark but it also has great advantages for your skin. The orange vegetables contain something called beta-carotene which means that your skin receives a natural glow, and another benefit is that the vitamin A contained within carrots can help to fight off wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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7. Almond Milk

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If you are not a fan of soy milk but still want to try something different to dairy then almond milk is the way to go. It is rich in vitamin E which is known for helping to protect the skin, and also vitamins B2 and B3 which can aid in the hydration of skin and improving your circulation.

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8. Red Wine

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You might have thought that red wine being healthy was a myth, but it's true! The antioxidants found in the grapes that are used to make red wine can help to prevent things like sunburn and wrinkles and even, according to experts, certain types of cancer. A glass a night is recommended, even though it may be tempting to drink the whole bottle!

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9. Detox Tea

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Whilst detox teas used to be specialist, you can pretty much purchase them from any good store these days. They are something of a wonder drink, with special types to help things like your liver, your kidneys and most importantly in this case, your skin! Pick a flavor you like and get ready for a radiant glow!

These drinks are ideal to supplement your daily water intake and make it easy to bypass the soda and sugary juice drinks. Are you ready to do your skin a favor?

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