7 Easy Breakfasts for Busy People ...

Easy breakfasts don't have to begin and end with pulling a packet of cereal from your cupboard. In fact, cereal is usually laden with sugar, can make you feel a tad bloated, and most of all, it gets a little boring. Easy breakfasts don't have to be colorless. In fact, they can be as exciting as something you spend a little while on.

1. Overnight Oats

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Easy breakfasts don't get any simpler than not having to do anything at all in the morning. As the name suggests, overnight oats involves soaking your oats overnight. When the morning comes, you can eat them raw or heat them up in the microwave. Milk works well for this, but I try apple juice every so often too. Mix in a little honey at the time, and they will taste as great as anything you grab from Starbucks.

2. Poached Eggs

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I LOVE poached eggs. They don't have to come with a shed load of bacon and hollandaise sauce to taste great. In fact, just a little toast and lemon juice will do. Usually, poached eggs take just two-minutes. If you are feeling super rushed, you can try perfecting your microwave skills. Trust me, it works. Even without one of those microwave egg poachers.

3. Any Smoothie

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Yes, smoothies seem like a royal pain in the arse when you are stood chopping fruit with bleary eyes. However, if you chop the fruit the night before, they are no trouble at all. I like pineapple and mango to get myself going. If you need a little bulk, add in some oats. Trust me, it keeps you full and helps you get that dose of vitamins smoothies are good for.

4. Nutella on Toast

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Okay, so this one is ridiculously simple. But is simple bad? Go for wholegrain bread and Nutella on toast is an amazing breakfast. Mashed banana also works well here. It's like Poptarts minus the ridiculous amounts of additives.

5. Microwave Muffins

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If you haven't tried a microwave mug cake yet, you haven't lived. Microwave muffins are slightly more appropriate for breakfasts. However, they are still pretty unhealthy as a whole. This means you are going to have to balance your muffin morning out with a pretty healthy day later on. There is no denying that they make for an exciting breakfast though.

6. Omelette

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Again, omelettes are ridiculously simple. Yet they are often overlooked in the breakfast world. If you fancy being super quick and inventive, you can use a pannini press or sandwich maker. This helps you get both sides cooked, asap. If you have any leftover potatoes from dinner, add them in to help you stay full for longer.

7. Fruit Salad

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Some of us prefer to keep it fruity first thing in the morning. I have been one of those people lately. For some reason, super solid food doesn't appeal to me. If a smoothie isn't enough for you, you may want to try a fruit salad. Make one the night before, and enjoy!

So as you can see, breakfast doesn't have to be dull. You can be as varied as you like. With a little work, you can turn this list into some exciting variations. If you have mastered speedy breakfasts, what do you like to eat and why?

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